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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Conspiracy theory

I’ve always been a fan of conspiracy theories. That’s why I love the X-Files – Scully and Mulder stumbling upon the ultimate conspiracy of all -- that aliens are already among us and invading the Earth by alterning our genetic material using bees. I’m also itching to borrow Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code from one of Joel Virador’s staff members who’s not through reading it yet.

Anyway, I’ve always loved conspiracy theories but never thought I’d be part of one until now.

Reading the DOJ’s resolution finding probable cause on our case and the amended information it filed secretely before the Makati Regional Trial Court last April 23, I thought, “Oh boy, our police and prosecutors could give Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum a run for their money.”

Imagine, I am charged as a principal respondent in crimes allegedly committed by the CPP-NPA when I was still three years old. THREE YEARS OLD! No kidding. I am now officially accused by the government of having conspired with Joma, Dante Buscayno, et. al. in a 1969 NPA ambush in Zambales, the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing, Ka Roger’s military adventures in Masbate, the killing of Col. Rodolfo Aguinaldo and Fr. Balweg and a hodge-podge of other crimes unearthed from the moldy archives of the ISAFP. Topping it all off is the "Left-Right" coup plot against Pres. Arroyo in 2006. As the cliché goes, kulang na lang ibintang nila sa ‘kin at sa Batasan 6 ang pagpatay kay Jose Rizal at pagpako kay Kristo.

The government’s conspiracy theory goes like this: since our respective parties are “fronts” of the CPP-NPA-NDF, then we, as top leaders of our respective parties, should also be top leaders of the CPP (members of the elite Central Committee at that!). As CPP top honchos, then, we are now considered principal respondents in ALL crimes allegedly committed by the rebel movement IN THE LAST 37 YEARS of its existence. Boy, oh boy.

What’s really curious is that nowhere in the complaint are we ever mentioned to have taken part in, much more led, a popular armed uprising to overthrow a government, which is what a rebellion is. The “overt acts” directly attributed to us are “extra legal activities” like taking part in rallies and demonstrations (?!), attending meetings and other things we normally do as elected representatives in Congress.

As to the charge that we re-channeled government funds to the rebel movement, nowhere in the complaint does it say how much we re-channeled, when, where and how. Instead, there is a mere testimony by their scarf-clad star witness that he overheard the six of us in a meeting discussing how to go about the anomaly. What, no COA or DBM report? No bank statements? At hearsay pa! Tsk, tsk.

This leads me to conclude a more logical conspiracy: the conspiracy between Malacañang, the DOJ, AFP and PNP to destroy our parties by putting us behind bars on a non-bailable charge and then delaying the case till God knows when. In the meantime, mananahimik ang Konggreso at tuloy ang kanilang ligaya.