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Monday, April 17, 2006


A call for sobriety

I’ve been reading the comments on our blogsite and its good to know that freedom of expression and intellectual debate are alive and kicking on the net. My only apprehension is that the debates are starting to get circuitous and nasty, therefore counter productive.

May I suggest that we please keep the insults and name-calling to ourselves? Also, that we don’t go overboard in our arguments. Easy lang, hinay hinay. Ingatan ang puso at keyboard. As the old saying goes, we can disagree (and do so with passion) without being disagreeable.

Rest assured that we have been reading your comments and will respond to them in due time. Baguhan lang po kami dito sa blogging revolution at marami pang ibang gawain na dapat gampanan. Please be patient.

Yun lang muna at padayon sa balitaktakan!