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Thursday, March 30, 2006


Cry Freedom

Congress is traditionally known as the last bastion of democracy. Here, the people's elected representatives reign supreme. We can say anything about anything without fear of getting arrested. We can compel public officials to explain their actions. We can impeach presidents for their crimes against the people.

Well, this last bastion of democracy is now our prison.

Liza, Satur, Joel, Ka Paeng and I have been holed up inside the Batasan complex for one month now. Once we step outside, we will be arrested by the police on the convoluted logic that since we are suspected of rebellion, then we can be arrested without any warrant anytime, anywhere. In fact, they claim that we are already under arrest, and that we will simply be "re-arrested" once we cross the gate. That's democracy for you.

So now we run to that other bastion of democracy - cyberspace. Here we can cross not just the Batasan gates but entire continents and oceans (with a single click of a mouse!). Here we can say "Patalsikin si Gloria" and not be charged with rebellion. Here we can speak our minds and hearts out without fear of getting persecuted.

Kaya tuloy ang laban! Long live the Blogging Revolution!