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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Lenten musing: I miss mother!

Shafts of golden rays of the tropic sun pierced through the half-shaded glass door leading to the veranda of the Speaker’s conference room, in one corner of which I spent the warm night stretched out on a narrow sleeping pad on the wooden floor. It’s 6 am, and in the past 43 nights, I have woken up to the penetrating sunbeams reflected on the white wall upon which paintings of past Philippine presidents at work hang side by side.

Today is the 45th day that we, the “Batasan 5” – the prime objects of political persecution by the Macapagal-Arroyo government – have used the conference room of Speaker Jose de Venecia as our sleeping quarters. Since Feb. 27, we have been holed up in the House of Representatives under its protective custody from the threat of illegal arrest (sans warrant from a court of justice) by the Philippine National Police with the sanction of the Department of Justice.

Eagerly, or anxiously, each one of us – Liza Maza, Rafael Mariano, Teodoro Casiño, Joel Virador and myself – await news on whether we would be allowed by the Court of Appeals to go home to our families, or, we shall remain here for still an indeterminate period of time. Last Thursday (April 6), through our lawyers, we filed a motion for certiorari with prohibition with the Court of Appeals. We ask the court to issue a temporary restraining order (TRO) on the DOJ and the PNP, ordering them to desist from arresting us without a warrant duly issued by a court only after the determination of probable cause to put us on trial for the crime of rebellion.

At this point, we have not been formally charged in court. The three complaints against us – to be sure, these are trump charges based on concocted allegations –
are still on the stage of preliminary investigation to determine the existence of probable cause that shall justify the filing of a formal charge.

We cry out against political persecution because the Macapagal-Arroyo government has publicly declared us to have already committed rebellion and wants us thrown into prison even before we are charged in court.

On Monday, the Lenten Week began. The TV news since that night reported lengthily on the exodus of people from the metropolis to the provinces. Each person interviewed expressed the wish to return to one’s hometown, there to observe, with family and friends, the annual religious rites about the passion, death and resurrection of Christ.

The thought that I would not be able to leave the House during the Lenten Week brought me a deep sense of sadness. Not that I am so religiously-inclined as to profoundly feel being deprived of my right to fulfill my socio-religious obligation, although I was brought up in a large peasant family keen on observing the rites of Lent every passing year and, I must concede, the solemnity of the rites and the utter devotedness of my townfolk to such rites never fail to move me. But that I can afford to miss this year.

What saddens me is the thought that I wouldn’t be able to see my mother, all of 95 years now. I will not be able to comfort her with the assurance that I am okay, and that her brood of 12 children, all living, would become whole one more time: within view of her failing sight, her hearing our familiar voices that are music to her, as she gives us her tender loving caresses and blessing.

I am, after all these 67 years of my life, a son with a strong impulse to go back to my mother’s bosom that had nursed me as a baby. I yearn to sit by my mother’s side and listen to her again talk of the years gone by in those vast expanse of rice fields where I grew up as a farm boy. She would muse always with an infectious mirthfulness that never fades. At 95, my mother is ever youthful-sounding and youthful-feeling in her reveries.

This Lenten week, I’ll miss her the most.

(An undated photo with my mother and my grandson Dalan. Courtesy of Sipag Pinoy newsmagazine)


Blogger lifeisafullmoon said...

i can only emphatize, ka satur. ako din, nd makauwi, kasi kelangan may tao sa opis kahit byernes santo...:-(

5:36 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Pareng Satur:

Ang inaanak mo ang nagpadala sa akin ng blogs ng Batasan 6 kaya nalaman at nabasa ko ang mga sinusulat niyo. You and the rest of the Batasan 6 are always in our thoughts. I'm particularly moved by your reflection about your mother and your expression of love and devotion to her as her son. Exposing and acknowledging aspects of your humanity beyond your politics is the source of your gretness and is the trait that I admire and respect most all these years.
Mabuhay ka!

Isang mainit na yakap mula sa aming pamilya para sa iyo at iyong mga mahal sa buhay.

Edna Aquino

7:06 PM  
Anonymous N Aquino said...

Tito Satur and the rest of the Batasan 6,

It is tragic that more than 30 years on, this sort of thing still happens and we are still yearning to acquire that which is supposed to be the most fundamental concept of humanity. It is indeed dark days ahead if the leaders of our country are so blinded by showing what their powers can do that they fail to see what their powers should do.

Moreso, I think it ironic that a president which is in itself accused of unconstitutional acts of rigging elections and using public money to fund an election, among others ask to be considered innocent until proven guilty – yet refuses to extend the same courtesy to her fellow citizens. I think it ironic, too, that this government aims to change our constitution for the people’s sake, but easily shrug off an individual’s human rights – the most important element of a constitution in the first place.

Our prayers and support are with you (Alex, Edna, myself and the rest of the family) always.

Nilo Aquino

7:17 PM  
Blogger vencer said...

Mabuhay kayong mga idol naming mga kabataan! Mahal namin kayo, mga bayani ng bayan!

Young Radicals

9:55 PM  
Anonymous ilangq said...

Ka Satur,

Pagbati sa inyong blogsite. Malaking tulong ito sa pagpapalawak ng inyong mga naabot. Isa pa, napaka-refreshing na mabasa ang iyong mga personal na kuwento, at ika'y napakahusay na manunulat, walang kupas. Mabuhay kayong lahat!

Ilang-Ilang Quijano

11:02 PM  
Anonymous James Jayme said...

Ka Satur

Isang Mapagpalayang pagbati!!

Ako'y Lubos na nalulungkot sa inyong sitwasyon na pilit na ginigipit ng isang rehimen na mapangabuso at represibo. Sa isang dako naman ng aking isip ay ako'y nasisiyahan dahil sa pagkakaalam na mayroong mga taong kagaya ninyo pati na ang lahat ng bumubuo sa Batasan 6 na di napapagod at sumusuko sa mga hamon na idinidikta ng panahon. Di po namin papayagan na mabaliwala ang lahat ng inyong sakripisyo dahil para sa aming mga kabataan ay kampeon ang Batasan 6!!

Mabuhay!! At God Bless

1:28 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

problema kasi sa inyo you take the word "opposition" literary. You are the ones who makes the loudest noise wala naman actions ( i guess thats why your all so famous). think? be remembered that way. doesnt matter guess your'e all seeking too much attention.

1:56 AM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

Kung talagang wala kayong kasalanan ka Satur, bakit hindi kayo lumabas jan sa building ng kongreso at harapin nyo ang mga akusasyon sa labas at sa harap mismo ng mga mata ng taong bayan? Hindi kaya ito'y dahil kayo ang tunay na mga walang bayag? Nakakahiya kayo, naturingan pa namang kayong mambabatas, pero wala kayong tiwala sa batas at hustisya ng bayan. Kung walang kasalanan, eh di lumabas na kayo sa pagtatago nyo sa loob ng pantalon ni Speaker de Venecia.

4:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindi kami makikisimpatya sa inyong Batasan 5 hanggang hindi namin nadidinig na kinokondena ninyo ang mga karahasang ginagawa ng mga CPP-NPA-NDF kagaya ng:

Pagpapasabog ng mga cellsites
Pagsusunog ng bus
Pagsusunog ng mga tractors
Pangongotong sa mga magsasaka
Pangongotong sa mga negosyante

Hanggang hindi namin nadidinig na kinokondena ninyo ang mga kahayupang ito, hindi kami maniniwala na kayo ay tunay na para sa mamamayang Pilipino.

7:47 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I migrated in Canada 9 years ago and hanggang ngayon the country is still trying to recover from the MARCOS REGIME's pagnanakaw. I admire the current president for having the BALLS and the tenacity to improve the life of FILIPINOS for such a very short time. SHE MADE UNPOPULAR DECISIONS. Ang message ko lang sa inyo, DO NOT ABUSE OR USED THE MASSES as they are now starting to find OUT your TRUE colors. WHAT THEY WANT NOW IS FOOD ON THEIR TABLES! DO NOT BE A TALANGKA MAKIPAG COOPERATE NAMAN KAYO. You were given your chances para mag serve sa BAYAN pero anong ginagawa nyo. YOU ARE TRYING TO POISON the MASSES minds that there is NO CREDIBLE GOVERNMENT INSTITUTION SA BAYAN para mapadali ang pag grab nyo ng POWER. YOU ARE PRAYING THAT the philippines DO NOT RECOVER so that the COMMUNIST can take over. NAKAKAHIYA KAYO. DAPAT MAG TOUR KAYO SA CANADA POLITICS PARA MATAUHAN KAYO.

7:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Communism has no place in Philippine Society.

You militants should have known that by now.


10:27 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Satur, mabuhay ka!

By standing up to GMA and her attempt to arrest you for your beliefs, you show the stuff you are made of.

The anti-communists may rant and rave but they cannot erase your humanity, and your enduring love for our people and country. These loudmouth communists say they hate totalitarianism but they allow GMA to violate your human rights and just allow GMA to set aside due process.

Si Gloria, simba ng simba. Puro siya dasal. Nagpapabless pa sa mga born-again pero walanghiya naman. You are much better than her because we know that you use your position to do us good.

10:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


These bloodhungry persons want innocents to be arrested without warrant!

These democrats kuno want the Batasan 5 to get out to suffer Beltran's fate -- arrested without warrant, and then inquested and charged in court on the same day!

These champions of freedom daw want us to accept hook, lined sinker the FABRICATED, INVENTED and FALSE charges against duly-elected Members of Congress whose only crime is to seek the ouster of an illegitimate president.

I hate these anti-communists for treating all of us like idiots. May utak kami 'no!? Hindi na uubra kagaguhan niyo ngayon. Wala kayong naloloko.

THE MORE THE ANTI-COMMIES SPEAK, the more I believe Satur and company.

10:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry po pero may dahilan talaga kaming mga anti-communists na tutulan ang mga communists kasi gusto ng mga kagaya nina Satur Ocampo, Crispin Beltran at Teddy Casino na ang Pilipinas ay maging North Korea, Cuba, Laos, Cambodia.

Hinding-hindi po natin puwedeng payagan na ganyan ang kinabukasan ng Pilipinas.

10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindi ba 'karma' tawag dyan? Bakit kapag kayo ang nagpapasimuno ng public persecution ok lang? Pero kapag kayo naman na ang publicly persecuted ngangawa ngawa na kaagad kayo na kawawa naman kayo? He he he. Nakakatawa talaga kayong mga pulitiko. Iniisip ng administrasyon sila bida. Iniisip nyo rin kayo bida. E pare pareho lang naman kayong mga ugok. He he he.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous kabagis619 said...

I emphatize with you ka satur. isa kang mapagmahal na anak at tunay na makabayan.

With regards to Sec Gonzales- he must clean the ranks of the DOJ. His department is full of corrupt employees who has nothing in mind but to mulct people. Kami mismo ay biktima ng mga tao na nakapaligid sa kanya. Para makakuha ng favorable decision ay kailangan maglagay kami. Bakit hindi sila mag-decide based on the merits of the case? At dahil wala kaming panlagay ay ibabasura ang petisyon namin? Kasumpa-sumpa ang gawain ng mga taong iyan.

Hangga't hindi binabago ang sistema at palitan ang mga tao na nakapaligid sa kanya ay mawawala nang tuloyan ang tiwala ng mga taongbayan sa hustisya sa ating bansa.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a lawyer and I am amazed by the brutal way Raul Gonzalez and GMA are persecuting you.

I may disagree with some of your beliefs but everyone should agree that you have a right to due process. You should not be arrested without a warrant. The DOJ should not be biased against you.

10:48 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Just a question...do you people observe Lent and the crucifixion and death of Our Lord Jesus Christ?

Hindi ba as Marxist-Leninists, you believe that religion is the opium of the masses?

Just as Pope John Paul II destroyed communism in Eastern Europe, do you now accept the primacy of God in all our everyday dealings?

10:49 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Grabe na tlaga ang kahayupan na ginagawa sa inyo. Wala pa kayong kaso at nasa preliminary investigation pa lang, ginaganyan na kayo.

Sana magsisi na sina GMA at yung alipuris niya sa DOJ.

10:54 AM  
Anonymous Joseph Arroyo said...

mas maganda nga na may communists sa kongreso. maganda rin na may mga opposition. imagine what would happen kung magkakasundo ang mga pulitiko natin? e di magkakasundo rin ang mga yan na sila ang makinabang. e di lagot tayong mga hindi pulitiko mga pare ko.

buti nga yan sila sila mismo nagbabatukan.

10:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

So what if Satur is a communist?

Even communists have rights. True-blue democrats should ensure that even the so-called communists have an avenue to ventilate their views and to stop brazen attacks against their rights.

Porke ba komunista, okey lang na arestuhin ng walang warrant at kasuhan ng basurang kaso? Hindi. Lahat ay dapat protektado sa abuso ng nasa kapangyarihan.

Kung totoo man na komunista si Satur, eh lalo pang napapaganda sa mata ng madla ang komunismo dahil pinakikita nina Satur na sila ay katunggali ng mandaraya, magnanakaw at manlolokong si GMA.

Between GMA and Satur, kay Satur na ako.

11:00 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The government is making a terrible mistake by harassing Satur and his group in Congress.

This is bad for democracy because it pushes them away from the mainstream.

It seems GMA wants a full blown civil war to erupt. Lest we forget, these activists ran and won in the elections.

11:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

But bombing cellsites and torching buses and tractors do not have a place in our democracy.

And as long as Satur and company do not condemn these barbaric and inhuman acts by their ideological brothers in the mountains, I will always see the Batasan 5 as silent collaborators to these unjust and inhuman acts.

To the Batasan 5, condemn NPA terrorism now!

11:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

what's satur ocampo got to do with the npa?

i think he has done enough for the country, especially when he fought the terrorist marcos dictatorshp. he was imprisoned for nine years without ever been convicted! as far as i know, may utang pa ang gobyerno sa kanya for the suffering he endured under martial law.

please give satur a break. the man needs our support because the government does not want to respect his rights as a citizen.

11:30 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mas maganda kung meron man lang sa inyo na mag sasagot sa mga comment at di lalabas na itong blog na to ay isa lamang propaganda
and if talagang makakatulong ng malaki sa bayan ang communism di dapat mas malakas na yung mga bayang hawak ng NPA in terms of economy,health,social at iba pang indicators na magsasabi na ok ang pamamalakad ng NPA
oh wait puro nga lang pala propaganda ang mga communista

12:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congressman Satur, I read from the papers last year that you authored a bill on AIDS education, as well as another one on Marcos victims' compensation.

Keep up the good work. I am proud to have voted you and your party into office. I am sure, more people symphatize with you and are disgusted by the political repression you are experiencing in the hands of the Arroyo government.

12:19 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ka Satur, kumusta na kayo. Binabati kayo ng mga MP dito sa UK. May ginagawa yata sila para tingnan yung nangyayari sa inyo. Nagugulat sila na sinasalbahe kayo ni GMA.

Habang sinasalbahe at sinisiraan kayo, lalo kayong nagiging bida sa amin.

12:23 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Is time running out for the commies? Anyway, kung hindi kayo commies who are you guys, nationalists? Nasaan ang nagawa nyong batas sa kongreso? Oh putak lang kayo ng putak sa IMPERIALIST USA, OIL PRICE INCREASES, anti terrorist etc. NAKAKASAWA NA KAYO. Paano kaya kung ang mga anak nyo ang nakasakay sa bus na tinorch ng NPA? Sisigaw kaya kayo ng ibagsak ang NPA? Where were you nang nagkaroon kayo ng purging sa NPA? Di ba maraming namatay? DOes your conscience even bother? You guys are no different kay HONASAN and cohorts na gustong ibagsak ang gobyerno. MAHIYA NAMAN KAYO! Denial of JUSTICE ba? Noong panahon ni marcos magbubukas ka pa lang ng bunganga salvage ka na eh. EH KAYO meron naman kayong chance to defend yourself sa SUPREME COURT. Arte nyo ha.. Oh ano kaya ang sunod nyong propoganda? BANATAN ang SUPREME COURT pare ilower ang confidence ng mga tao sa institution na yon ? Cmon Be creative guys, YOU HAVE TO MOVE FAST dahil pag nakaangat ang PILIPINAS, wala na pinaglalaban nyo.

Kaya kami umaalis ng pilipinas dahil sa inyo. PASAWAY KAYO...

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To those interested in the bills and resolutions filed by the Batasan 6, please visit http://www.congress.gov.ph/bis/qry_form.php?form=author and do a search.

They are a hardworking bunch of progressive congresspersons.

12:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The real test of a democracy, especially Philippine democracy, is its capacity or incapacity to allow within its legal framework the contiued operation of partylist organizations like Bayan Muna.

Democracy will be endangered if Bayan Muna is removed from Congress.

After Bayan Muna, who will be next?

12:55 PM  
Anonymous IBAGSAK said...

Ibagsak! Ibagsak! Ibagsak!
Mga pards you are wasting your life.
You guys are of the same feather sa mga rightist. You have the same objective ibagsak ang gobyerno. IT IS NOW TIME FOR THE NEW GENERATION OF INTELLIGENT FILIPINOS. The one that knows right and wrong, MORAL and IMMORAL, ANTI-VIOLENCE and very discerning sa gustong gumamit sa kanya.And that is GMA. SHe is a new breed of leader. Sino ang may bayag na kalabanin ang LOPEZ, sino ang KUMALABAN sa RIGHTIST? SINO ang kumalaban sa LEFTIST? KAY ESTRADANG lasengero? ANG BALEWALAIN ang surveys just to pursuit ang ECONOMIC REFORMS. Ang hindi sumunod kay RAMOS sa pilit na pag-decrease ng TERM NYA. Ang hindi nakikinig KAY TANDANG PIMENTEL (putak putak putak).

Sya lang mga kapatid. That means she has the BALLS and the COURAGE to FINISH her JOB. Yan ang TUNAY na LALAKI di tulad nyo nagtatago sa BATASAN.


Dapat gumawa na lang kayo ng BATAS na makakapag paginhawa sa mga PINOY.

etc..during the MARCOS YEARS

Pero tapos na ang panahon nyo, it is the Information Technology age na.

Hinay hinay lang kayo kay GMA baka mag declare ng MARTIAL LAW. Kayo rin....

1:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ano bayan muna?

Marami nang non partisan organizations
na talagang nationalista. It is not just a mononopoly of bayan muna.

Just ask yourself guys, ilang kompanya and pinasukan ng mga leftist organizations na nagkaloko loko ang negotiations dahil sa inyo. To the extent na walang nang gustong maging member nyo.

1:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ka Satur, carry on the fight.

Gloria is a hopeless case. She may be bright, but she is not using her brains to serve our people in the best possible way.

Unfortunately, some view her as our savior. How ironic. I cannot believe that such a person is the best, the only and most capable to lead.

Some of those who posted their comments here are obviously very pro-Gloria and anti-Left. I think they are not here for decent debate but just to show off how low they can get when our rights and liberties are being attacked. They just want to profess their blind loyalty to GMA at the expense of our rights and liberties. They have said it rather clearly many times: All of them want you to rot in jail.

Everytime they say rant about you, it only serves to render even clearer the fact that you and the five others are fighting a just cause, and that you are being persecuted for saying "oust GMA" and to say "there's another way beside the rotten way".

Mabuhay kayo! Mabuhay ang Pilipino!

1:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Rep. Ocampo! I'm a doctor at PGH. I wish to thank you for helping PGH build a Visitor Center. I am sure it will help the poor PGH patients' relatives. I also hope the government will immediately release new funds for Bayan Muna's medical assistance programs. Thousands have benefitted from it since 2001.

My family and friends are die-hard Bayan Muna supporters!

1:16 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

how could you say that anonymous?
iba ang panglipunang kalagayan ng pilipinas sa mga nasabi mong bansa .... ang sinisigaw ng bayan ay ang pambansang kalayaan laban sa pamumuno ng ilehitimo, madaya, trapo, kurapt at magnanakaw ng kaban ng yaman na si Gloria .....kumuni kumunista ka diyan ..masyado atang naglalaro ang imahinasyon mo. Hindi pwedeng maging kumunista ang pinas kung hindi naman sosyalismo ang mas nakakaraming bansa ..wag kang magpapaniwala sa amerikano.

ayaw ko na dito ...takot ang mga commentor heheheh mga ayaw magpakilala lol!

1:22 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What rights and liberties? These guys are not following the laws of the land. These batasan 6 people have been always been given by the government a chance to be constructive builders of the country and yet what did they do? They silently conived with enemies of the state to bring down the government and the constitution.

PGH, do not give me that crap. That is our own taxpayers money. Do not give thanks to these politicians as that is their job in the first place to serve the people.

1:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The charge of conspiracy has yet to be proven in court. Its a tough charge to prove.

Besides, no citizen should be arrested without a warrant. No citizen should also be charged with trumped up complaints by the police.

1:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Prove it guys that GMA cheated in the election, that she stole government funds. But being lawmakers, never in your wildest dreams should you be even thinking of bringing down the government using violent or unconstitutional means.

These actions put the current state of Philippine politics in the toilet bowl. Anyway good luck to you guys, I hope you have enough counter evidence and luck to dispute the administration cases against you.

1:38 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I emphatize with you guys, but rather than hiding at the Batasan complex why not face your cases?

1:57 PM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

it is quite obvious that the anonymous person who is a rabid anti-progressive does not want to even give respect not even to the Batasan 6, but to civil rights, due process and truth.

with regard to evidences re: poll fraud, corruption and even human rights violations (i.e. political killings) under the Arroyo administration, there is so much that would get her impeached.

that is why the impeachment effort was killed by the tyranny of numbers in Congress, and the Charter change effort is to ensure that she does not get impeached and is perpetuated in power, despite serious questions on her legitimacy.

if the anonymous person who apparently is so enamored with Gloria, would want to take a sneak peek at what has been done by the Batasan 6, he can visit them in Congress and in Camp Crame (for Ka Bel).

it would also be nice if you could discern more so that your diatribe against the Batasan 6 can have even an iota of reality.


2:01 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

The Batasan 6 should be admired for defying and exposing the POLITICAL REPRESSION being waged by GMA and her nasty cohorts.

They should stay there at the Batasan, if only to highlight the continuing threat of WARRANTLESS AND ILLEGAL ARREST against them.

It is easy to taunt or say "why not come out of the Batasan", but that is only a taunt. It is devoid of any factual basis. The fact is, GMA's PNP would immediately arrest these Members of Congress once they exit the Batasan gates. They will be arrested without warrant and thrown to jail so that GMA would have six less critics to contend with.

For using such tactics, only GMA and her minions are the real cowards.

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lumabas na kasi kayo sa Batasan at harapin niyo na!

Stop with the cowardice already!

2:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If the Batasan 6 are considered cowards for evading warrantless and illegal arrest, what would we call:

GMA -- who uses all government powers and dirty tricks to demonize and persecute her critics

Jovito Palparan -- who admits using terrorism against unarmed civilians everywhere he is assigned. His target unarmed civilian activists.

Raul Gonzalez -- for using DOJ as a platform to badmouth all critics of GMA while depriving all those he charges of due process and impartiality as the chief of the department in charge with prosecution of such cases.

2:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

salamat at ginawa nyo itong blogger nato'.

gusto kung ipaabot sa inyong anim na nakaka dismaya at nakaka irita na ang mga ginagawa nyong pagbibigay ng masamang impression sa ating bansa. oo nga't kayo ay oposisyon pero huwag naman sabihin na sasalungat kayo sa lahat ng bagay sa administrasyon kahit na may kabuluhan sa ating bansa.
Minsan iniisip ko na ginagago nyo na ang mga tao sa mga pakulo nyo sa media na para na kayong mga artista. Nasaan kayo nung trahedya sa leyte? ni hindi man lang kayo nag-alay ng panalangin sa mga nasawi. wala akong nabasa sa dyaryo na kahit konting donasyon galing sa pundo nyo para sa mga kawawang masa na sinasabi nyong ipinaglalaban nyo. sabagay, nakabudget na siguro ang pera nyo sa mga ralling gagawin nyo pa at ibang personal account dyan. patawarin nyo pero maski anong basa ko sa mga sinasabi nyo sa dyaryo, hindi ko mabibigay ang simpatiya ko dahil salungat kayo sa dapat sana nating patutunguhan. napakakonti na lang na mga pulitiko ang makikita kung may pagnanais umunlad ang bansa. halos lahat puro sarili ang iniintindi at kung maka-asta sa tv akala mo kung sinong magaling puro din pala balimbing. Para kayong artista lahat. Sana magkaroon pa kayo nang konsisyenya na isipin na lang kung paano tayo uunlad at hindi yung paano kayo sisikat.

3:32 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

with due respect, nais kung pasalamatan ang ibang pulitiko natin na nagbigay halimbawa sa mga mamamayan:

1. Sen Flavier; sa kanyang tahimik at seryosong pagganap sa kanyang tungkulin kahit na walang tv camera sa harap niya.

2. Sen Santiago; sa kanyang ipinakitang tapang sa pagtaguyod sa programa ng gobyerno na tingin nya ay makabuluhan.

3. Sen Lacson; sa kanyang konstratibong pagtukoy sa mga katiwaliang isyu sa gobyerno at pagiging tahimik sa maraming walang kabuluhang rally.

4. Xpres Guingona; sa pagiging ehemplo ng isang balimbing na politiko.

5. Sen Drilon; sa paglahad nang sarili nya bilang oppurtunistang politiko na unang babalimbing kapag medyo tagilid na ang kampo nya.

6. Ma'am Susan Roces; sa pagiging mahinahon at matalinong pagpapahayag ng kritisosmo laban sa gobyerno. Sa kanyang pag iwas na magamit ng ibang sakim na pulitiko.

4:10 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

mukhang tanga itong mga "anonymous" na anti-batasan6. kesyo duwag daw ang batasan6, eh sila nga itong takot ipakilala yung sarili nila. siguro isa or dalawang tao lang talaga ang mga taong ito na parang alingawngaw lang nina siraulo gonzales at toting bunye.

ang lakas pa manghamon ng away, palibhasa walang banta sa kanilang personal na kalayaan.

6:35 PM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

please do put at least a blog name especially if you for or against the Batasan 6.

6:37 PM  
Anonymous bincent said...

I hope you guys see the light. It seems that you are on the wrong side of the fence. The bandwagon is going to the Philippines becoming an economic superpower again. Hanggang di nyo tinutulungan si Gloria, walang mangyayari sa filipinas. Kaya ako nag DH sa HK dahil sawa na ako sa gulo sa atin sa rallies etc...etc...

Give GMA a chance, if you have a case against her, file it sa korte hindi yung puro bira dito bira dito..

8:34 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

o come on anti commies!
prove first that these people are really the one's who blown up those structures. come on prove it!

somebody says let them see canadian politics... well well let's how you see politics in canada... on what side are you? the english or the french?

what do you see about the free french movement? it's leftist... you moron... does it make them terrorist?

again... let's see english politics... well they have a former IRA member in the House? worst IRA has record of civilian bombing on its dark side... does ka satur have?

let's see european politics... whaaa... there are communist on the European parliament... what can you say... does it mean European parliament are nuts because they have communist on their parliament?

oh let's look at the other side of the atlantic... what the... the southern side of the americas... whewwww they are turning left... the thing is... they now much enjoy social benefits like improve health care, education, pension... what say you... left are bad bad eggs... they spend huge some of money for social service... and that's bad?

tsk tsk tsk... what can i say...

these anti left are just a bunch of morons, inutile worms of philippine society... mag-aral nga kayo ng world history... at contemporary sociology... mga unggoy!

pasensya na po ka satur... eto kasing mga pakawala na to eh... kung maari lang nga sana palit tayo ng position kahit isang araw lang... ako muna kukuha ng mga sakit nyo sa buhay at politika at ikaw naman muna dito sa korea, at mag-engineer muna kau dito para sa akin hehehe...


GMA IBAGSAK! (isama ang mga alipores nya dito na nagpupumilit pumasok ng ideang bangkarote!)

8:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Puwede naman namin kayong bigyan ng pagkakataon sa ilalim ng ating demokrasya pero habang nagpapasabog ng mga cellsites at habang nagsusunog ng mga bus at tulay ang inyong mga kakosa sa NPA, sa palagay namin ay wala kayong puwang sa ating demokrasya.

Nababahiran kayong Batasan 5 ng mga kahayupan na ginagawa ng inyong mga kapatid sa bundok.

Ngayon, kung masusubukan ninyong pakiusapan ang mga NPA na tumigil na sa walang katuturan nilang armadong pakikibaka, maaari siguro kaming maniwala na sinsero kayo sa inyong adhikain.

Pero NO TO COMMUNIST VIOLENCE kami! And we hope you Batasan 5 can condemn them!

Only if the communist movement gets rid of its useless armed struggle mode can we take you Batasan 5 seriously.

8:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sa tingin ko naman ay matatapang at may paninindigan kayong Batasan 5, eh.

Kung gayon, kaya ba ninyong ipamukha kay Joma Sison na mali siya sa kanyang adhikaing armed struggle?

Nasa 21st Century na tayo pero ang ginagamit ni Joma Sison strategy ay 18th Century pa.

Sino ba sa inyong lima (Ocampo, Casino, Beltran, Maza, Mariano) ang puwedeng tumayo sa harap ni Joma Sison at sabihin sa mukha niya na "Itigil na ang karahasan!"

Ang makagagawa ng ganyan sa kanya ay agad naming susuportahan.

8:52 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

let the record show that cong. ocampo spearheaded the congressional contingent in approaching Mr. Sison in the Netherlands.

As for Cong. Ocampo to denounce the arm struggle of the CPP-NPA-NDF, let the GRP denounce first atrocities committed by the AFP-PNP against the Luisita farmers, against the police massacre of 1987 mendiola farmers.

It is not for BAYAN Muna or to any member of the batasan 6 to say to the NPA or to the AFP to stop shooting each other. But it is their duty as member of the government of the republic to persuade each side of the conflict to respect the rules of war vis-a-vis the UN conventions on respect to International law in the conduct of war (in this case the 30 yr old arm struggle of the NPA).

And let the record show that it is the government of the philippines that is suspending the operation of the agreement between the NDF and GRP.

and let world history show that MPS that once belong to IRA are the one's also who approached IRA arm men to stop the violence.

Paano ba yan... kahit yung 3rd party mediator eh nainis na sa gobyerno ng pilipinas dahil sa walang habas na paglabag nito sa mga kasunduan...

and beside there can be no peace without justice.

Pero wag nating ilayo ang usapan... bat ba nyo kinakabit ang BM sa NPA?

Akala ko ba matatalino at democrat kau... noong namundok ang sabi nyo bumaba, ng bumaba at nag rali ang sabi nyo dalhin nyo sa kongreso, ngayong nasa kongreso ayaw nyo namang i-debate... pina-aandaran nyo ng paramihan ng alipores na trapo... at di rin kau makapaniwala na maraming matitinong panukalang batas ang batasan6, pinaka sa lahat na panukala nila ay yung panukalang batas laban sa dinastiyang pulitikal... akala ko ba gusto ng matitinong tao sa kongress, bat di nyo suportahan ang panukalang batas na ipagbawal ang dinastiyang pulitikal?

ang sabihin nyo mga tol... sala kayo sa lamig-sala sa init...

nag aabroad na lang kau, ang di nyo alam ang bansang pinuntahan nyo may matibay na parliament o kongresso na kung saan mayrung mga leftist na MPs or congressman na nakikipagdebate sa loob mismo ng batasan nila.

Kasi sarado kayo, sa esensya kayo ang nag-iisip para sa sarili lang...

sige lang po ka satur... ang tagumpay ng bayan ay nalalapit na...

Mabuhay po kayo!

9:27 PM  
Anonymous kuwait guy said...

O cmon mga communist symphatizers and LEFTIST! You are the one na hindi marunong sa HISTORY; Where is Germany now? How about POLAND? Where is CHINA now? China is opening up its borders.

Before they really hated the AMERICANS but now their opening up their country to CAPITALISM and embracing the ideals na dati sinusuka nila.

You guys are pitful. Any society or form of government that does not recognized freedom of faith is bound to fail.

As to the Government of the Phillipines, kaya sila tumatalikod sa peace talks dahil mga plastic kayo. You got a dual personality, one that is kunware talking peace but at the same time behind the tables you are silently conniving to the armed struggle of the NPA and your comrades.

I hate these rightist and leftist as they are extremes. We do not need your generation of leaders from MARCOS to YOU GUYS, wala kayong ginawang mabuti. We need a new order! The centrist movement of philippines should come forward. This movement should be GOD FEARING, AWARE SA MGA TRAPOS and TRUE NATIONALIST na hindi magpapa egoy sa kahit sinumang bansa (even america and CHINA).

1:30 AM  
Anonymous Son of Policeman said...

Di nyo ba alam bakit lahat dito anonymous, dahil takot sila sa inyo. Takot sila ma salvage at mabaril sa ulo tulad ng ginawa ng mga NPA sa mga police noon.

Kahit anong sabihin nyo, your names will still be connected sa NPA.

U guys will never get our SYMPATHY.

1:39 AM  
Anonymous bugoy said...

wawa naman ang taong ito. confused and rabid anti-commie.or di lang makapag-isip ng maayos.:)

1:40 AM  
Anonymous ngekngek said...

dear son of a policeman: what are your bases of any? if people like you multiply in the country, a pitiful country we shall be forever!

come on kid. get more info and present something more engaging.

redbaiting will only get you nothing but nasty labels...

1:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

majority rules, that is democracy. Eh kung ayaw ng majority ng kongreso na iimpeach ang pangulo dahil very weak ang evidence sa kanya. Is that not a voice of democracy. Kaya ka nga nag elect ng congressman para yon ang representative mo sa kongreso eh. di ba? gets mo?

Eh cge, lahat na lang tayo presidente at congressman at senator. Tapos magbanatan na lang lahat tayo kung sino matira matibay. HAY NAKU , buhay talangka. ANG INGAY ng minority talaga. SABIHIN NYO SA TAO iboto ang mga kalahi nyo para ma-impeach si ARROYO.. pero hintay muna kayo dahil wala pa eleksyon ok? DI BA BAIT NAMAN KAYO SUNOD KAYO SA BATAS?

1:48 AM  
Anonymous jeddah said...

I have been working overseas since 1990 and until now I am dismayed sa nangyayari sa atin sa Pilipinas. We have a president that is trying to get the country out of the toilet and we got you guys holed up in the batasan building not facing the charges hurled against you.
Everyday I am watching sa news at puro negative news ang naririnig ko.
I am not anti communist or pro-gma have you ever think na kung magkakaisa lang ang bawat pilipino at kalimutan ang leftist or rightist tag and transform all these enery and passion para iangat muna natin ang bansa natin.

Nakita ko ang forum na ito meron rabid anti commy merong rabid pro batasan. Just imagine ang passion ng both sides. If we set aside our differences and work together what a beautiful country the phillipines will be.

My advised harapin nyo ang kaso nyo, kung gusto nyong impeach si gloria gather more evidence but please respect the rule of majority in a democracy.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

One glaring thing that is wrong with the Reaffirmist faction of the left is its continued adherence to the Violent Armed Struggle championed by Joma Sison.

Talikuran niyo lang ang Armed Struggle, mas rerespetuhin kayo ng mga Pilipino.

8:18 AM  
Anonymous Former NPA succesful OWA said...

Sorry Ka Satur, pero I disagree sa mga pinaglalaban nyo. I admire more Ka dante (BERNABE BUSCAYNO.) Founder of the NPA itself. He is the true FILIPINO, marunong makinig sa TINIG ng nakakarami. He evolved from a NPA WARRIOR to a POVERTY WARRIOR. As compared po sa inyo at ni Joma Sison that still sticks to a century old dogma. Yun lang po ang sa akim.

Below are some words from KA DANTE extracted from


"The NPA could succeed if they were good change-makers. If they were good at analyzing and planning things either in the underground or in the open. But they should be practical, not limit themselves by their dogmatic beliefs. They come from ranks of students and sometimes they are disorganized.

I am organizing this co-operative as a responsible and practical revolutionary - taking into account the people’s present level of consciousness. Farmers are very practical people. They are always driven by poverty. Some are politicized, some are conservative, but most react only according to their economic needs. The farmers see me as a practical development person, not as an NPA or as a politician. They know I am on their side."

8:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^ I admire Ka Dante Buscayno for seeing the light very early on. And look at the tremendous amount of help he has been able to give to the farmers.

Eh si Joma Sison, ayaw talaga mag-iba ang utak. Armed Struggle pa rin daw. Suskupo, nineteen-kopong-kopong pa iyang strategy na iyan.

Kaya naman hindi kayo magtatagumpay kung ganoon pa rin ang takbo ng utak ng lider ninyo.

8:52 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

what is quite exasperating sometimes, is that some people conveniently oversimplify things and think that labels are all that matter (leftist, rightist).

it would help to also dig more, ferret out more information aside from watching TFC and looking into a few news websites.

it is more exasperating since some depraved minds always try to link the NPA with the Batasan 6. It makes me think that these people could be the likes of Fr. Intengan, National Security Adviser Norberto Gonzales or anyone from their ilk in Aksyon Sambayanan or PDSP.

the so-called link between the Batasan 6 to the NPA is a lie that has been concocted by Gonzales people along with people in the AFP.

It is only quite surprising that people still think of Buscayno as a real good person. he sold his principles to foreign funding and has adopted a lifestyle that is the complete opposite of the revolutionary he once was.

comparing ocampo and buscayno and favoring the latter only reveals a dimwitted blockhead wasting time and space on the internet.

9:10 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sen. Flavier. - OK sya Constructive Criticizer yan.

Sen Santiago - OK din yan ginagawa nya ang trabaho nya pero constructive critizer din yan. Magaling sa batas, walang inuurungan.

Susan Roces - May respeto kami pero very emotional sya.

Drilon - Banat lang ng banat yan. OO matalino sya magaling pero I still can't think na after a week eh bumalimbing. Delikado yan, gusto maging presidente. Hirap talaga ng matatalino they feel invincible.

Lacson - very shadowy ang character nito. Not worth my time to comment. He threw everything kay GMA, pero duda ako ngayon dahil tahimik. He cooking up something.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

The Batasan 5's actions are not to be construed as hiding under Jose de Venecia -- who initially wanted to give them to the PNP-DIDM-CIDG sans a warrant.

Being a nationalist does not equal getting jail time as you say. How can you fight and expose the injustice of the legal system under Gloria that permits the short-circuiting of due process?

If you were in the same situation, would you haul yourself into jail when there is no probable cause or if the charges against you are all hearsay and without evidence except convoluted lies?

let us be more circumspect and discerning, more so in this Lenten Season.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

Huwag kayong matakot sa komunismo. It's now a thing of the past. Bagsak na ang USSR at Eastern Communist countries, ang Berlin wall, patay na si Reagan at Marcos, retired na si Thatcher at Gorbachev at nasa Heaven na si JP2. Ang mga political-isms hindi na "in". It's now the age of terror-ism and econom-ism. Kaya ang mga pinaglalaban ng mga tulad ni Joma at ni Ka Satur hindi na sikat. Laos na po mga yan. Kung baga sa pelikula, kulelat na yan sa box office.

Sen Juan Flavier - hardworking na senador to. walang dakdak, walang reklamo, puro trabaho lang inaatupag.

Sen Miriam Santiago - isang kayamanan ng senado. I look forward for her to become the next Chief Justice ng Korte Suprema

Susan Roces - Naaawa ako, naiirita ako, natatawa ako, nalulungkot ako, nagagalit ako...parang PELIKULA



Sa B5 or B6 na to, kung talagang matapang at may pinaglalaban kayo, lumabas na po kayo jan sa Kungreso at harapin nyo ang mga akusasyon sa inyo. PGMA has already lifted the State of Emergency a long time ago...Huwag kayong matakot ma-aresto ng walang warrant of arrest...Magtiwala kayo sa BATAS at HUSTISYA dahil mga mambabatas kayo...Unless guilty nga kayo for rebellion, then keep on hiding under de Venecia's pants (and most Filipinos will never sympathize your group), until the right time will come when you will face justice and be put behind the bars. The more you guys hide, the more the people won't believe in what you say.

10:16 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...


The Batasan 5's actions are not to be construed BY THINKING PEOPLE as hiding under Jose de Venecia -- who initially wanted to give them to the PNP-DIDM-CIDG sans a warrant.

Being a nationalist does not equal getting jail time as you say. How can you fight and expose the injustice of the legal system under Gloria that permits the short-circuiting of due process?


Alam mo ba ang precendent? Kung magpapa-aresto ang Batasan 5 ng walang warrant, gagawin ng PNP ito sa kahit sinong mamamayan with the reason 'congressman nga nagagawa namin ikaw pa?!'.

I do not like Lacson or any of the names you mention. But i cannot help but tell you that aside from your twisted view of legal things, you are also an anti-communist and homophobic person - that is if you still consider yourself being one.

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Andrew B. said...

The pests who are trying to terrorize this Comments page are wasting their time. They are trying to convince the Batasan 6 to fall into their trap which is to pit them and the CPP.

If you anti-Left jerks want to connect the Batasan 6 to the NPA, I suggest you give up your anonymity, file formal charges before the Comelec to have them disqualified.

But of course, you won't do that because you do not hve proof. You are all just parotting what GMA and the AFP are saying all along about the Batasan 6 and the CPP.

Moreover, pinapatunayan niyo na ang bobobo ng mga anti-Left. You missed the point of Satur's blog.

12:57 PM  
Blogger maximus said...

I pity those who alleged that batasan 6 are cowards. I pity most those who use 'red-baiting scare and tactics' against the batasan 6 for they merely show their ignorance of the meaning of ideology and principle.

First, for those who argue that batasan 6 are cowards, will you please show to us your warrant for the arrest of Batasan 6? Kung wala, ba't kayo dakdak ng dakdak at ba't gusto niyo silang sumuko ng wala pang kaso naisampa laban sa kanila? Or, did you or do you know of any warrant of arrests recently issued against the Batasan 6. Well, it will be not suprising if the government of GMA has already manufactured one. It is just very easy for them to do so. Isn't it that she and her cohorts manufactured votes for her to be at Malacanang palace? Di ba anonymous at noli me tanga re?

Anyway, those who are using the red-bating tactics and those who argue that the Batasan 6 are cowards who are hiding in the halls of congress, only show that they have brains a little less than that of a fish. Ohhh, what a pity.

Yong mga anonymous... isang tao lang yan an ayaw magpakilala dahil wala siyang kakampi. hehehe, hahaha.

O baka nga si Secretayr Gonzales lang yan ng DOJ o Security Adviser Norbeto na Gonzales din. PAreho lang kasi silang ..... tuta.

Pero, anonymous, Noli ne tanga re, marunong bang mag internet yong mga yon? Alam lang yata nila ay sumipsip kay Ate Glued to Malacanang. Hehehehe.

Kidding aside, if fighting for the oppressed is communism, then communisn is good. if fighting for 125 and 3000 wage increase in the private and public sector is hallmark of communism, then communism is a fight for the interest of the workers. If pursuing nationalit industrialization and genuine land reform and freedom from foreign domination is communism then, communism is perfect. If fighting for truth and justice, exposing corruption in the government and refusing to sumbit to the anti-people and anti-Filipino policies of GMA is communism then communism is right. If figting for one's right to exercise all the rights provided for by Constitution and law especially the right not to be deprived of life, liberty or property but by due process of law and the right to freedom of expression is communsim, then everyone should love communism.

If the Batasan 6 who espouse all of this principles and who are fighting not only for the realization of their rights but the rights of other as well are communist, then I want to be a communist.

From all indication, these communists will be canonized as saints in the future! Me too! Aleluya!

So is it alright that we now append tthe prefix "St." to the first names of the batasan 6? Will you include me... please!

Onward with the struggle!

"V" for vendetta. hahaha

1:03 PM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

Ikaw pala ang bobo Vinsoy.
Lifted na ang state of emergency ni PGMA. Hindi na sila aarestuhin ng walang warrant of arrest at naisampa na rin ang kaso laban sa kanila on February 27th by the PNP for violation of Article 134 related to Article 135 of the Revised Penal Code on REBELLION and INSURRECTION. All they have to do is to face the charges against them kung talagang nirerespeto nila ang batas. Naturingan pa namang mambabatas. Kung walang kasalanan, ba't magtatago? Harapin nila ang akusasyon laban sa kanila fair and square before the court and according to the rule of law. Or else the Filipino people will continue to simply look at this as a mere dramatic propaganda against the government in their continuing resistance. Fed up na ang pinoy sa mga ganitong klaseng political drama. Hindi na kami naniniwala lalo na kaming mga Filipino nagtatrabaho sa ibang bansa maipadala lang ang dolyar sa bansa para makatulong sa pamilya't bayan.

Sa iyo Maximus, oo marunong ako mag internet. Kung di ako marunong, eh di sana wala kang nababasa ditong comment galing sa akin. Isa ka ring bobo.

Just because I said Miss Lacson is gay and much talked about among her birds of the same feathers does not mean I'm homophobic. Yun ang naririnig ko sa mga parlor pag nagpapa gupit ako eh. Wala akong pakialam kay Ping. As I said, he's also just another waste. Di mo ko kilala, you can't jump into conclusions simply like that and resort into fallacies. Nasan logic mo Vinsoy? I can't even be anti-communist because as far as I'm concerned, I'm not for nor against it. It's just another thing of the past. Has been na ang komunismo.
BTW, hindi po ako si anonymous. Hindi rin po ako si Noli Me Tanga.
Ako po ay si Juan dela Cruz na mahilig magbasa ng nobelang Noli Me Tangere ni Rizal. Satisfied?

4:20 PM  
Anonymous simpleng empleyado said...

ka satur!!! kahit kailan!!! kahit sinong presidente!!! lagi ka oposisyon !! lagi kang rebelde!!! ano kaya kung ikaw na ang presidente? magrerebelde ka rin?....tama na sobra na...sarili ninyo ang iniisip ninyo hindi ang bayan natin!! titigil lang kayo pag kayo na ang nasa kapagyarihan, then tapos ano? kukurakot rin kayo at walang gagawin na tama...dahil kahit kailan you are all destabilizers, and you enjoy doing it because may nagbabayad sa inyo at diyan kayo kumikita!!!!

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Vinsoy said...

Hitting the mark

Dear Noli Me Tangere,

First off, you are correct that PGMA has lifted the state of emergency (which of course was declared by her not to save the government and its functions and services but to save her questionable presidency), but that has not stopped the persecution of ordinary people, groups and institutions that question or criticize Gloria's policies and fascist maneuvers.

Even without the state of emergency or even martial law, extra-judicial killings, displacement of indigenous peoples and peasants, demolitions of urban poor communities and the attacks on our lives and livelihood
continue daily. that is why 3,000 people leave the country daily for all types of jobs abroad (but this is altogether another story).

Here are some facts that you should know:

1. mismo ang PNP and even Injustice Sec. Gonzales ang nagpapahayag na aarestuhin sila ng walang warrant kung lumabas sila ng Congress.

2. wala pang kasong naisampa laban sa Batasan 6 sa kahit anong Korte as of this time (April 14). Excuse me, Insurrection? Rebellion ang charges na ibinabandera ng PNP and DOJ sa mass media. So can you blame the Batasan 6 for meeting the smear propaganda efforts of the Malacanang-DOJ-PNP combine?

3. Nasa stage pa lang ng Preliminary Investigation (PI) ang DOJ to see if there is PROBABLE CAUSE for a case to be filed against the Batasan 6. Kaya at this point walang kaso against them in any court.

Ka Satur, Teddy, Joel, Liza and Ka Paeng are respecting the law of the land. They are in fact exposing to the whole world that the DOJ is actuallly short-circuiting due process because Gloria herself has declared that the Batasan 6 has committed rebellion! Is that due process for you?

4. Hindi sila nagtatago. If you want, you can arrange to visit anyone of them in Congress just as i do.

5. Who brought this political drama to the public eye in the first place? It depends on what side of the fence you are taking off.

Who has had the temerity to bamboozle democratic proceedings and democratic institutions (Congress and the Courts included) to cover up all the cheating, lying and corruption that plagues this administration?

Who has not pushed the various state agencies to resolve the political killings of civilians happening on a nationwide scale?

Who promotes military officials with spotty human rights records (like Jovito Palparan) and appoints people with questionable integrity (like Joc-joc Bolante) to government posts who eventually disgrace the government service?

Who ordered the diversion of funds of the Department of Agriculture fertilizer program for use in the 2004 elections -- even giving to congresspersons in Quezon City where there are no farms?

Who ordered the illegal withdrawals of OFW funds at the OWWA for purposes other than the welfare of OFWs and their families since 2001?

Noli Me Tangere, I am very sure that it is not the Batasan 6. I am very sure that these issues were brought up by the Batasan 6 at the most appropriate times in the legislature. That is why they have earned the ire of the current occupant in Malacañang.

If the Filipino people are fed up sa mga ganitong klaseng political drama, the Batasan 6 would not have endeavored to seek the truth and pursue justice not only for their constituencies, but the public at large.

To say that pagod na ang tao at hindi na naniniwala sa pakikibaka, pagtindig sa tama at kumilos para sa pagbabago is to echo what Gloria and her spin doctors are desperately trying to propagate among Filipinos: deceptive messages to cover wrongdoings in government.

Okay so hindi ka homophobic,i can give you that. :) But your posturing shows that you can be unconsciously an anti-communist and evidently one who is so pro-Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo.

I hope that you can discern more. It is nice to blog and communicate with folks like you.

Just one tip, between you and me, look around among your circles. May be you will see kung sino ang mayroong barkadahan ng mga bobo.

11:06 PM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...


It is the duty of the President
to protect the state and the people
from destabilization, anarchy, rebellion, etc. Call it fascist policies and manuevering, but she is only doing her job. If you prefer lawlessness, everyday protests and rallies, political destabilization, you better be off behind the bars. It's not helping the economy. Walang turista gustong magbakasyon sa Pilipinas at walang inbestor gustong mag negosyo kung ang mga Pilipino ay lagi na lang nasa kalye nag ra-rally imbes na mag trabaho. Magtulungan tayo; tulungan natin ang gobyerno. As in the words of JFK, ask not what the government can do for you; ask what you CAN DO for your country. Our government is not perfect. Whose in the world is? But we can all make a difference in our own little way to help instead of everyday protests, rallies, and opposition.

Allow me to tackle the facts you have presented:

1. Nagpahayag lang pala, natakot ka na? Pinahayag yun noong panahon ng isang lingong state of emergency ni Gng. Arroyo. You know that only during the state of emergency and under martial law can you be arrested without any warrant of arrest. If Arroyo's adminstration does that under normal situations, I assure you we will not allow that.

2. Wala akong sinasabing insurrection ang charges against these batasan 6. I was saying Article 134 and 135 of the RPC is on Rebellion and Insurrection.
Technically, hindi pa pormal ang pagsasampa ng kaso laban sa batasan 4 by the prosecutor on charges of REBELLION. If these batasan 6 wants due process, then they should cooperate with the law.

3. Walang kaso, pero may reklamo, may akusasyon. Let them come out in the open and face the accusations. I assure you, magkakaroon ng kaso because this is not simply a matter of a petty crime. This is a serious case of REBELLION, and I'm sure this case will be laid down before the eyes of the Filipino people.

4. I have no intention of visiting them in congress. I have no obligation, in any way, to these batasan 6. On the other hand, they have the obligation to the people because they have been elected to their positions. And as lawmakers, they should abide by the rule of law.

5. It does not matter as to who brought this political drama before the public eye depending on whose side of the fence you are taking off. We're simply tired of this kind of drama. Tama na ang pinpointing. Magtulungan na lang tayo at tulungan natin ang ating gobyerno sa ikakaunlad ng bayan.

The cheating and the lying are all mere allegations. You have never proven it in the courts, and you have never offered any viable alternative.

Hindi mo na kelangan isa-isahin ang mga allegations at accusations na yan as if ikaw lang ang nakakaalam. Tulungan mo na lang ang gobyerno laban sa mga tao sa tingin mo walang kwenta sa serbisyo publiko imbes na puro reklamo't panay protesta. Malay mo, baka ikaw ang ma popromote o ma-appoint? It will be a big opportunity for you to help your countrymen. Start doing it in your own lil way you can to help the government. You don't need to make so much political noises in Congress thru endless congressional and senate hearings that it only destabilizes the political and economic stability of the country.

Mind you, I voted for Raul Roco in the last election. I am not pro GMA. I am not pro opposition and neither I am pro leftists. I am simply a PRO government, law abiding and taxpaying citizen.
I've said, communism is passe. Such statement alone is insufficient to say I'm unconsciously anti-communist. Stop jumping into hasty conclusions. Stop resorting to fallacies.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

Ka Satur, ako po ay karaniwang tao lang na naghahangad ng matiwasay at maginhawang pamumuhay. Ito ang dahilan kung bakit iniwan ko ang sariling bayan. Pero kahit na nasa malayo ako ay hindi naman nabawasan ang pagka Pinoy ko at damdamin para sa bayan.

Hindi ako naniniwala sa komunismo, o anumang ideolohiya na nakakasira sa mas nakakarami. Pero ang nakita ko na inyong ipinaglalaban ay ang katotohanan at para sa mas nakararaming mahirap na Pilipino. Ganito rin po sana ang gawin ninyo sa mga mahihirap na biktima ng NPA o "commies," at ng mga sundalo.

Nakakalungkot isipin na ang Pilipinas ay napakagulo ngayon dahil sa pulitika na pinaiiral ng mga taong walang moralidad tulad ng kasalukuyang gobyerno(hindi kayo kasali dun). Yung mga sinasabi ni GMA at ng iba tulad nina Gonzales, Ermita, Bunye lalo na yung tungkol sa "rule of law" ay para lang naman sa kanila at hindi sa taong bayan. (Nakakalungkot isipin na marami sa ating kababayan ang hindi yata nakaintindi ng konsepto na ito. Ang isang lehitimong gobyerno lamang ang may karapatang gamitin ang “rule of law” bilang "moral justification for authority to govern," tulad ng sinabi ni Max Weber.) Hindi makita ng ibang kababayan natin na ang kasalukuyang gobyerno ay pinamumunuan ng isang tinatawag na “power-obsessed oligarchy," na kunti lang ang nakikinabang pero kasinlaki naman ng leon o elepante ang tinatamasa nila sa kabang bayan. Yung pinakikita ni GMA na pamumudmod ng sardinas, noodles at titulo ng lupa sa mga "dispossed urban poor" at apektado ng kalamidad ay barya lang at ambon, kumpara sa mga tinatamasa nilang glorya sa Malacanang. Mas nakinabang pa nga ang mga atleta natin na pinabuyaan ni Mike Arroyo sa Disneyland (kaninong kuwarta ang ginamit dun? di ba sa gobyerno din?), samantalang ang mga nasalanta sa Leyte ay ni hindi man nabigyan ng ganun kalaking tulong na mas kailangan nila dahil buhay ang nakataya.

Nakinabang din ng malaki yung mga kasabwat ni GMA at ng Malacanang. Sa isang deal lang, tulad ng pakikipag sabwatan sa karumal-dumal na eleksyon, hindi na nila kailangang magtrabaho pa ng ilang taon sa gobyerno para kumita at mabuhay. Isa na dito ang shariah judge na siyang operator ni Mike Arroyo sa pamumudmod ng salapi at pandaraya sa Mindanao (pareho silang nagkaila, pero alam naman ng lahat na tutoong nangyari ito). Ang batas Pinas nga naman, ang isang magnanakaw ay yung proven guilty lang. Pag walang kaso o kaya ay nadismiss ng kasapakat na korte o kongreso ay hindi makasalanan sa tingin ng tao.

Yun namang ibang pulitiko ay panay lang ang dada na nagmamalinis pa mandin, pero kung halungkatin natin ang nakaraan nila ay ganun din sila kasama. Nabawasan lang sila ng poder at gustong ibalik ang dating kaligayahan. Ang buhay Pinas nga naman - sala sa lamig, sala sa init.

Mabuhay po kayo at ang inyong tribo!

6:36 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

Noli Me Tangere

It is indeed the duty of the President to protect the state and the people from destabilization, anarchy, rebellion, etc.

BUT IN THE CASE OF GLORIA: she actually is protecting herself and her corrupt coterie of officials and hirelings (of which I hope you are not a part of).

Gloria is sworn to protect the people, not herself. She is only protecting herself. you cannot deny that.

It is not the job of the President to protect oneself from the crimes against the people committed by her minions, if not she herself.

I don't buy your reasoning of everyday protests and rallies + political destabilization = a negative economic outlook since less tourists and investors will come in.

Hello! Rallies, among the best activities of any certain public to seek redress of grievances, do not come everyday all day. Wake up.

And by the way, people from the urban poor, for example launch protest rallies since there are no decent jobs for those who want and can work. There are no commensurate jobs for thousands so of graduates each year -- kaya maraming ang nagiging OFWs araw-araw.

The Batasan 6 and many people are in fact helping the government by pointing out and exposing graft corruption, hideous deals and the like that endanger the government and the nation's image internationally. It just so happens that those involved in these scandals include the current tenant in Malacanang that you obviously love to the high heavens.

Some points to ponder vis-à-vis your assertions:

1. FACT: With or without a declared state of emergency warrantless arrests and extra-judicial killings are happening to those who oppose Arroyo's adminstration -- which Gloria and her minions consider as "under normal situations." I wonder if as a person you allow that.

2. So now you clarify what you are saying re: "insurrection ang charges against these batasan 6." You said that in your previous comments as can be reviewed.... For the record the charges against the Batasan 6 are all rebellion.

The Batasan 6 is actually asserting due process. If they "cooperated with the law" as you easily say -- they would have been unjustly inquested by Zuño and would be hauled of to jail even without probable cause -- that is how the PNP mindset is. Get suspects into jail before even thinking of probable cause. Would you agree to that?

3. Excuse me but they are in the open and facing the baseless accusations. It is a serious but ridiculous case of filed against the Batasan 6. That is why Congress granted them protective custody since if anyone who becomes President wants to do this to legislators, what more to ordinary folks like you and me?

4. Definitely you have no obligation to the legislators. Yes they are conscious of their obligations to those who elected them -- more than 2 million at that. Yes, they are following the law. You can even ask other sane people who are neutral if you can.

5. Wake up Noli! It DOES matter as to who brought this political drama to the public eye and on whose side of the fence you are taking off.

You cannot simply say you are tired of this kind of drama period. There are reasons for everything. Di ba legal eagle ang moda mo? Uunlad ang ating bayan pag nagtulungan nga tayo para malinis ang gubyerno.

Hello! the allegations were put into the proper venue via an impeachment complaint. And you know that story. Here is a new insight: if you go to the courts, di ba may immunity ang Gloria as president? kaya nga impeachment effort ang ginawa. There are alternatives and you just refuse to rock the boat like those in power.

Problem with you is, I do not assert that ako lang ang may alam sa mga allegations at accusations. I know only so little, and many more people know more. :) This is our way of cleaning up government: going after those who cheated, are into corruption and into shady deals that only smear the civil service. get real man! Complaints and protests are part of any nation dear.

It is nice to know you voted for Raul Roco in the last elections. The only fallacy you probably have is that while it is clear to you that you are defending the government, it is very unclear to you that you are essentially defending the clique that is the cause of the effect that you say is destabilization: Gloria and her gang.

You can defend government by calling and taking action for reforms in whatever and all fields. Stability in government emanates from honesty, transparency and all-out service to the people.

Sadly that is what is not present in the current regime.

What is more sad though, is your refusal to acknowledge what is really happening in government, in the cities and provinces like i have mentioned in previous comments.

And you cannot fault the Batasan 6 me or yourself for that.

Try calling the tenant in Malacañang.

11:24 AM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

>BUT IN THE CASE OF GLORIA: she >actually is protecting herself >and her corrupt coterie of >officials and hirelings (of which >I hope you are not a part of).
>Gloria is sworn to protect the >people, not herself. She is only >protecting herself. you cannot >deny that. It is not the job of >the President to protect oneself >from the crimes against the >people committed by her minions, >if not she herself.

There is a proper forum for all these allegations - the court.
As head of the state, the president is duty bound to protect the state and herself included and her mandate from the people. As head of state, she is the symbol of the state, and thus, part of the state. You can question her mandate, but until today, nobody has proven all those allegations against the president. They tried it in Congress and it was a nice attempt; will just remain to be an attempt though. They tried in the streets. Sad to say, the Filipino people did not believe. Besides, this blog is about the batasan 6 not PGMA. You still insist that I'm pro GMA. Wala na akong magagawa jan.

>I don't buy your reasoning of >everyday protests and rallies + >political destabilization = a >negative economic outlook since >less tourists and investors will >come in. Hello! Rallies, among >the best activities of any >certain public to seek redress of >grievances, do not come everyday >all day. Wake up.

I think you are the one who need to wake up. It's been two decades since the fall of Marcos that you have been sleeping.
I said everyday protests and rallies do not help the political and economic stability of the country. I did not say that everyday protests and rallies do occur. Read properly, will yah?

>The Batasan 6 and many people are >in fact helping the government by >pointing out and exposing graft >corruption, hideous deals and the >like that endanger the government >and the nation's image >internationally. It just so >happens that those involved in >these scandals include the >current tenant in Malacanang that >you obviously love to the high >heavens.

There is a proper forum for all these - the court. Not in the streets, not the media, not in the halls of congress. Otherwise, the people would still look at this as nothing but political bickerings and personality showcase, and you know we don't believe on that anymore.

>1. FACT: With or without a >declared state of emergency >warrantless arrests and extra->judicial killings are happening >to those who oppose Arroyo's >adminstration -- which Gloria and >her minions consider as "under >normal situations." I wonder if >as a person you allow that.

Mahirap talaga ang trabaho ng chief executive na nag e-enforce ng batas. It's not the kind of job that you can just easily please everybody. But I stand with the government's efforts to be strict in implementing law and order. Mas lenient pa nga ang batas natin kesa batas ng Singapore, for example. Look how very low the crime rate in Singapore is. Mga sinasabi mong warrantless arrest and extra-judicial killings with or without a state of emergency...May proper forum yan - the court. Present your charges and evidences in the court.

>2. So now you clarify what you >are saying re: "insurrection ang >charges against these batasan 6." >You said that in your previous >comments as can be reviewed.... >For the record the charges >against the Batasan 6 are all >rebellion.

You gotta read more carefully. I have discussed this on the other blog. Ke insurrection or rebellion, iisa lang ibig sabihin nyan, ok? Mr. Webster wouldn't mind recognizing these two words as synonyms, I'm pretty sure.

>The Batasan 6 is actually >asserting due process. If >they "cooperated with the law" as >you easily say -- they would have >been unjustly inquested by Zuño >and would be hauled of to jail >even without probable cause -- >that is how the PNP mindset is. >Get suspects into jail before >even thinking of probable cause. >Would you agree to that?

Ano yan? Petty crime lang ba yan? A simple violation of a city ordinance that you could be detained by the Police for 24 hours tapos palalayain ka ulit? This is a serious charge of rebellion and please consider the time frame of 1 week period of the state of emergency. Let them cooperate with the law NOW. Yes, now that the state of emergency has been lifted.

>3. Excuse me but they are in the >open and facing the baseless >accusations. It is a serious but >ridiculous case of filed against >the Batasan 6. That is why >Congress granted them protective >custody since if anyone who >becomes President wants to do >this to legislators, what more to >ordinary folks like you and me?

Nasan ang equality before the law? bakit ang mga congress people na yan ay may immunity, pero ang ordinary folks like you and I, don't? I am asking this to congress and that includes the batasan 6 who themselves make the law.

>4. Definitely you have no >obligation to the legislators. >Yes they are conscious of their >obligations to those who elected >them -- more than 2 million at >that. Yes, they are following the >law. You can even ask other sane >people who are neutral if you can.

Again, kung walang kasalanan, let them come out in the open and cooperate with the law, and that would make me and other sane people who are neutral believe that they are indeed following the law.

>5. Wake up Noli! It DOES matter >as to who brought this political >drama to the public eye and on >whose side of the fence you are >taking off.

Your constant insistence for me to wake up is getting too boring that I think you are probably in a state of some sort of a castle in the sky.

>get real man!

Look who's talkin'? An anti GMA who prolly thinks he's scoring points against a pro GMA - his delusion on me. Funny, indeed. :D

2:05 PM  
Anonymous Vinsoy said...

Hmmmmmmmmmm. Seems that Noli is scarce right now...

Asan ka na kaya?

8:57 PM  
Anonymous Vinsoy said...

Oh ok so you are around. :)

Now I got your attention. It is nice trading points. :) But you don't get the point:

all you are insisting on is "go to court"

since when did the courts act and decide in favor of the truth and justice and the Filipino people's long-term welfare?

if there are any cases, the are few and far in between.

you assert that you are just pro-law and order.

so you say that what is written in jurisprudence, what are in the law books, are all that should be followed to the letter -- whether it is ridiculous or overboard or not interpreted for the benefit of the majority.

haay. :)

on the proper forum, it is not just the court Noli. yes, there is Congress, and yes whether we like it or not, the parliament of the streets, which is regarded with respect internationally.

i cannot force you to wake up. but you or me will not be the judge of what the outcome of the Batasan 6 vs. Gloria episode of our nation's history will be on the long term.

at least there is one iota of unity here: that the processes are exhausted and the truth will come out.

and may i add something: for those who abused power and side-stepped rules of procedure and trampled on the rights of people in and out of government -- their day of reckoning and appropriate measures, including just punishment.

you may not agree, but there are some things in life that have to be learned on a progressive, interrelated and ever-changing mode.

9:16 PM  
Anonymous marikit_ako said...

Habang ako ay papunta ng Vito Cruz at nag aabang ng tren sa riles nagulat ako sa aking nakita, mga kahon (pinagtagpi tagpi na mga karton na may mga plastic sa itaas at gulong na luma, may mga 1.5 pa na litro na walang laman, isang piraso na naputol na tsinelas)... pero may nakatira. Isang nanay at kandong ang isang sangol nagsiksikan sa isang kahon. Bakit ganun? Bahay daw nila yun... Akala ko isang kahon lang ngunit nang umandar na ang tren sa kahabaan ng espanya hangang vito cruz ganun ang matatanaw mo.

Sa gilid ng riles may mga nakasabit at nakasulat sa pader " ITIGIL ang Demolisyon sa Riles"

"Pahirap sa Masa, Patalsikin si GLORIA"

Di lang pala ang Batasan 6 ang sumisigaw ng patalsikin si GMa, kasama nila ang mga mahihirap na mamamayan.
Sa mga anonymous, sa anak ng police at sa iba pang mga TANGA!

Alam niyo nakaka -awa kayo. Bago kayo magsalita dapat may malalim kayo na basis sa mga sinasabi niyo.
Huy chicheka kayo la naman kayong alam! che!

2:09 PM  
Anonymous constantflux said...

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10:07 AM  

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