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Wednesday, April 12, 2006


If we're Voltes 5, who's Zuhl?

Justice Secretary Raul Gonzales made a monumental blunder yesterday in comparing the Batasan 5 to Voltes 5. Old as he is, he probably didn't know that for an entire generation (mine, particularly), Voltes 5 symbolized the triumph of good over evil, democracy over tyranny.

As a Voltes 5 fan, I thank Sec. Gonzales for the honor.

I remember my first taste of state repression when Marcos banned Voltes 5 because of its message that with unity and struggle comes justice and liberation. Now the same evil of tyranny and dictatorship stalks the nation. It’s time Voltes 5 strikes back.

Here’s the English translation of the Voltes 5 theme:

Someday the suns of light shall fill all the earth
The morning of justice shall have come to its birth
So we shall wave our banners high and free through the air
For the love and glory we can also share

Soldiers come reunite, fight, fight for peace

Hand in hand like eagles thru the breeze
Over land and over seas

Voltes V we come to you

Flashing thru with wings of steel
Fates of foes are what you seal
With swords of laser light

Over land and over seas
Onward, victory!

Just a parting shot: if we’re the Voltes 5 team (Ka Satur can be Steve Armstrong, Joel can be Mark Gordon, Ka Paeng is Big Bert, I can be little John and of course, Liza is Jamie Robinson), guess who makes up the evil Boazanian Empire?

Sec. Gonzales, for one, certainly looks and sounds like Zuhl, Prince Heinell’s one-horned sycophant whose main mission in life is to defeat the electromagnetic super robot Voltes 5. Gonzales' first name, Raul, is uncannily similar to Zuhl. In the end of the series, Zuhl is executed after betraying his prince.


Anonymous melai said...

hey! will u allow me to post the voltes 5 translation in my blog?
please reply ASAP :) thanks
btw, i subscribed to your yahoogroup. I hope that "VOLTES V" will be release from the congress.
nice job here...

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Onwards victory, "voltes 5!" hahaha! i like the zuhl part. ^_^


12:21 PM  
Anonymous masterbetong said...

the reason why marcos allegedly banned voltes v in the 70's is his fear of incalculating the liberational message of the anime. is it the same reason why you (batasan 6) were deprived of your very basic freedom?


2:40 PM  
Blogger ptz_public said...

good you have your own blog now!
Can I make a link to yours?
nice way to circumnavigate the evil forces of the empire, we're here, your followers to let your (our) voices heard throughout the entire system.
Go get them B5!

3:26 PM  
Blogger ptz_public said...


3:27 PM  
Blogger gabriel allon said...

Comparing yourselves to Voltes 5? That is an insult to the cartoon and its characters. The batasan 5 are not heroes but cowards. They protest here and there but when the going gets tough, they hide under the cloak of parliamentary immunity- a term to mean cop out.

If you really wanted to make a statement, rally for the cause you believe in, get arrested (similar to Ninoy, Tanada, Diokno) who were men of principle.

The Batasan 5 is pitiful.

11:09 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

problema kasi sa inyo you take the word "opposition" literary. You are the ones who makes the loudest noise wala naman actions ( i guess thats why your all so famous). think? be remembered that way. doesnt matter guess your'e all seeking too much attention

1:59 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Militanteng pagbati sa inyo (Batatasan 5 plus kay Ka Bel,

The peace-loving, progressive Filipino-Canadians are with you in the struggle for just and lasting peace!

Teddy, thanks for posting the lyrics of Voltes 5. It brought me joy to sing it with gusto.

The memory of being young, full of idealism was perhaps, as you said, watching Voltes 5 TV series, symbolized the triumph of good over evil, democracy over tyranny...an inspiration for those like us, was once young (not as young like your generation) to carry on the struggle...onward victory!

Beth Dollaga
BC Cmttee for HR in the Philippines
Vancouver, Canada

3:25 AM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

'Shadong childish naman yan Ted. Kinumpara na nga kayo sa Voltes 5, patulan ba naman ng ganyang klaseng kumentaryo? You should feel honored to be compared to the Voltes 5 guys. Unfortunately, the manner in which you did seems to have gone way below Sec. Gonzales' level. Di lang childhish yan, kacheapan na, kabadingan pa!

4:52 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hardly picture the GMA administration as the Boazanian Empire.

Kayong Batasan 5, kapag nagtagumpay na kayo, sa palagay ko kayo ang magiging Boazanian Empire kasi kasama na ninyo si Joma Sison at ang demonic CPP-NPA-NDF.

And the true Voltes V will be us who will try all our darndest best para mapabagsak kayo.

Ibagsak ang Komunismo - Ang tunay na Boazanian Empire!

7:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Gone are the days of such heroes as Lorenzo Tanada or Ninoy Aquino.

Kayong Batasan 5, you cower in cowardice sa loob ng Kongreso.

Hindi kami impressed sa inyo.

In fact, wala kayong relevance sa amin dahil you've been portraying yourselves as the victim ever since kopong-kopong. Wala na bang bago?

7:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

i still believe you are closet communists...

8:17 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

puede ba itigil na ninyo ang kahangalan ninyo? kaya kayo siguro itinulad ni sec. gonzales sa voltes 5 ay dahil puro kayo hindi kapanipaniwala katulad ng mga cartoon karakters. ang mga agenda ninyo ay puro paninira at destabilisayson. meron na ba kayong nagawa para sa ikabubuti ng bayan? wala!!!

10:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Lahat gagawin nina GMA para siraan kayo. Ganun talaga pag kukunin na ni Lord: binabaliw niya.

I am so proud that I voted for Bayan Muna in 2001 and for Anakpawis in 2004. You guys really represent us in Congress. You are indeed like Voltes 5 because you fight evil.

I get your point in staying inside the Batasan. You are teaching us that nobody should be arrested without warrant, that no one should be persecuted for one's beliefs.

If there is one good thing Congress has done for us, it is to give you protective custody against warrantless arrest.

My family prays for the six of you.

10:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ano na ba ang nagawa ng KMU para sa manggagawa besides mag-strike at magpasara ng mga kumpanya?

Ano na ba ang nagawa ng Gabriela para sa kababaihan besides magsisigaw sa kalye at magdramang pang-FAMAS sa Congressional hearings?

Ano na ba ang nagawa ng Bayan Muna para sa bayan besides mag-rally ng mag-rally araw-araw?

Ano na ba ang nagawa ng Migrante para sa mga OFWs besides mag-rally sa harap ng DFA at magsisigaw na parang mga asong-ulol?

Mga tamad! Magtrabaho naman kayo ng tunay na trabaho!

10:34 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Teddy,

I am unaffected by the harsh and brazenly wrong government propaganda about you, Satur and the others.

I have been following all your bills and I am proud to having voted for Bayan Muna. Your bills deserve far more attention than they are getting.

Personally, I really like your proposed moratorium on tuition fee increases. Grabe talaga ang taas ng bayad sa school eh.

10:42 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Idol ko kayo! Huwag kayong susuko sa bagong Bozanians!

GMA, magresign ka na. Peste ka sa buhay. Salot!!!

10:44 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Correction...communists ang tunay na salot sa mundo!

GMA? Small-fry lang siya kung ikukumpara mo sa dinulot na salot ng mga komunista.

10:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

go teddy!!!

you're fighting a cheap, rotten at panget na bozanian empire. gma is the empress who stole the crown from the people. her zuhl, raul gonazlez, really looks like zuhl!

enjoy ako sa blog nyo. its fun to read especialy this one about voltes 5.

11:07 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hi ted..mukhang may mga pakawalang nag popost ng comments dito para lalo kayong sirain..go voltes v!

the local Zuhl has another blunder similar to this when he said that gma cannot do what thaksin did because thaksin as prime minister in a parliamentary government was not elected by the people but by parliament..sana narinig ito ng maraming tao para mamatay na ang pro-chacha campaign

11:14 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^Hindi pakawala ang mga anti-communists na nagpo-post dito.

Masyado lang masidhi ang galit namin sa mga nagpapalaganap ng isang ideolohiyang proven na walang naidulot na maganda sa mundo.

11:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

some people miss the point of the batasan 6.

this is not a fight between democracy and communism.

this is a fight between a president who pretends to be one, and the people who want transparency and acccountability.

moreover, this is a fight between political persecution and the right of all citizens to express their beliefs and to obtain due process under law.

we may disagree with the batasan 6 on where to bring our country (or what direction to take), but we should respect all their rights to due process and civil liberties that are being violated by GMA who is doing all that is possible to protect herself from valid criticism.

11:35 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

actually you're right in giving you the honor of being named as Voltes V. The quest of the five intrepid souls who have to fight their own half-race( Armstrong brothers are half-Bolzanians with no horns) is the quest to fight a fellow Filipino whose own greed and gluttony for power has reigned over the real meaning of serving the nation. Persecuted as they are Dr. Armstrong chose to build Voltes V to fight the evil reign of the Bolzanian empire even if they have to fight each other for the sake of more people--like what you are doing for the motherland.

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sana magsalita lagi si raul gonzalez. isa siya sa magiging mitsa ng mas matinding pagkgalit ng mga tao kay unano.

voltes 5 ang batasan 5? hahaha!!! lalo lang napakita ni gonzales na bobo siya at walang alam. bida ang voltes 5!!! bida din ang batasan 5!!! hahaha!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

grabeh daming ahente ni gloria dito tsk tsk tsk tsk!!

1:25 PM  
Blogger cagliostro_fireclown said...

I see losers on both ends of this rather petty battle.

On the part of the Batasan 6, it was rather immature of you to answer to Raul Gonzales' comparison of your group to the Voltes 5 team. As a kid, one thing that my mom has taught me was not to openly respond to schoolboy taunts and provocations. In doing so, you guys have openly showed how onion-skinned you can get. You have - in the comments of poster "noli me tangere" - lowered yourselves to the level of schoolchildren. In another angle, it is a flawed analogy to compare GMA with Zuhl (whose rank in the Boazanian hierarchy escapes my mind). I do think that Prince Zardoz would be a more appropriate character though, since he was born without horns yet he assumed the throne.

As for Raul Gonzales, he does not escape my castigation primarily because he gets to sink so low as to resort to name-calling. First of all, he has defamed the late Tadao Nagahama, the creator of Voltes V, such archetypes which can hardly be called
"cartoon characters" since they have undergone trials and hardships worthy of Koreanovela heroines. The Armstrong brothers are united not only in searching for their missing father but also in finding their identity...Mark Gordon, the orphan who grew up in the Wild West, is driven however by revenge (pls. correct me if I may have missed out on some parts of the V5 mythos). Even Prince Zardoz, IMHO, was a great improvement over the typical cartoon villains that I have seen back then - the fact that he had to be fitted with fake horns just to legitimize his birthright makes him more ruthless yet more determined than his predecessors.

This may be long...let's just hope this shall be resolved as quickly and effortlessly as possible. There are more pressing issues that have to be resolved in this political stalemate, and going to playground-quality heckling is NOT one of them.

1:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Re cagliostro_fireclown's comment:

Teddy never compared GMA with Zuhl. He said Zuhl sounds like Raul. Pero tama ka na bagay si GMA as the Prince Zardoz. He's a fake Bozanian; GMA is a fake president.

The problem today got worse when GMA cheated her way to "election". She used government money, mobilized personnel and commanded a Comelec official and the top generals to ensure (cheat) her way to "victory". It is not the Batasan 6's fault if they want to get to the truth. It was GMA and her cabal that continue to deny and frustrate all attempts to arrive at the truth: the presidential electoral tribunal, the impeachment, and even the Parliament of the Streets.

1:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Even without the Hello Garci tapes, the militant Batasan 5 will think of other issues to use as an excuse to rally and rally and rally and rally.

2:19 PM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

Some points: its not just the Hello Garci tapes. There is the fertilizer fund scam, the Northrail project, the politcal killings nationwide, among many others.

And its not just about rallying and rallying dear.

The Batasan 6 has among the most number of Resolutions and Bills that are pending in Congress that are not acted upon by the House leadership that is beholden to Gloria.

Its a pity that some people have to content themselves with very limited information on some issues and have strong opinions based on this.

By the way, siding with Gloria is siding with the ills of society that we all want to correct....

2:29 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

okei lang yan ted, dame talagang gustong sumira sa pinaglalaban ng tunay, palaban at makabayang congressperson... cge lang kau bat5... remember the 5 million plus souls bumoto sa inyo (2% of 43 million registered voters x 6 (members ng BAYAN) equals 5 million plus) hindi pa natin nabilang dyan ang nashave na vote para sa ANAKBAYAN, SuaraBangsaMoro and Migrante...


ngayon lang kase nakakita ng magagaling and sharp arguments ang mga naniniira sa inyo...

sa mga naninira sa VOLTES 5 ng congress... DONT BE POLITICALLY IMMATURE, DON'T BE ARROGANT...

kung gusto nyong mapansin ng sambayanan debate with the Voltes 5 or talaga lang di nyo kaya kasi politically bankcrupt ang pinaglalaban nyong policies!

Go get em little John! pakita ang talas ng argumento ng BAYAN!

sa mga naninira... we challenge you to present your arguments anywhere, anytime lets debate it kung di nyo kaya... tigilan nyo na ang baseless red baiting nyo... mga pangit!

4:22 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

A very nice analogy indeed ...
and it is also always nice to remember our childhood cartoon anime heroes in Voltes V, I even have the mp3 Japanese version of the opening and closing theme of Voltes V. =)

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

People need to truly separate a person's political ideologies and his/her human rights and civil liberties.

Maraming "hindi porke" na dapat isipin ng mga maninipis ang utak dito.

1. Hindi porke't "leftist" ka ay nagpapasabog ka ng cell site. Equality in the workplace, gender equality, national health service, minimum wage, among others are leftist ideals which many citizens all over the world enjoy. Kaya yung mga hunghang na tao dito na panay putak at halatang wala namang sapat na kaalaman ay huwag nang magbalak. You claim to be intelligent but your statements are all based on this and the capitalist propaganda of what "the left" is. You are truly sheep. Kung walang leftist ideologies, pupulutin sa kangkungan ang lahat ng manggagawa.

2. Hindi porke't tutol ka sa gobyerno ang isang tao ay puwede na itong tanggalan ng basic human rights. Ilagay nyo sa mga ga-dikya nyong utak na walang warrant of arrest para sa mga akusado. Isang araw lang natapos pati ang preliminary investigation at ano ang ebidensya? Isang taong nakatakip ang mukha ng bayong? Sedition is a capital offense. Tatapusin mo ng isang araw ang imbestigasyon para sa isang capital offense? E kung rape nga ilang araw pinagdidiskitahan ng mga huwes e. These are elected officials, by a very big majority of the population, bigger than GMA's gap (which is still dubious)when she won in case you forgot.

3. Hindi porke't ayaw lumabas ng kongreso ay duwag. Ito siguro ang isa sa pinaka-ignoranteng statement na narinig ko. Itanong nyo kung ilang taong nakulong si Ka Satur na halos araw araw ay tinotorture. Ayaw nilang lumabas dahil gusto nilang ipakita sa buong mundo kung gaano karahas ang gobyernong ito. Negative publicity is the best publicity. This is a warrantless arrest, which people here tend to downplay. If the Batasan 6 do not make it a big deal, how are people going to realize?

It's sad that up till now, many Filipinos are still sheep. If you ask me whether ignorance or communism is a bigger factor in our non-progression as a nation, it's a no-brainer. There are more ignorant people than there are communists in this country...

6:13 PM  
Anonymous gargamel said...

sa mga heartless detractors ng batasan6: magsama-sama kayo nina gma! hindi kayo kailangan ng bayan! mag-migrate na lang kayo sa ibang bayan kung ayaw niyong kumilos ang mga tao! kayo ang mga tunay na bwiseeet!

6:37 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sa mga ignoranteng naninira sa batasan 6, dig this:

1. They work for the P125 wage increase and P3000 salary increase for both private and public workers; your fake GMA work for E-VAT which takes away what little the toiling masses are earning these days.

2. They advocate for debt moratorium or debt cancellation so our scarce revenues could be devoted to development and welfare projects; your fake GMA worked for increasing taxes so we could pay our loans, including those onerous ones, with the WB-IMF and other foreign creditors;

3. They fight for our civil liberties and freedoms; your fake GMA has CPR, EO 464, and General Order no. 5 which suppresses our freedoms and civil liberties.

4. They fight against graft and corruption, perhaps way ahead of any legislator with filed resolutions calling for investigation of anomalies in high places; your GMA has fertilizer scam, takes on jueteng money, misuse of recovered Marcos loot and overpricing of gov't projects such as Northrail;

5. They fight for independent foreign policy and the protection of our agriculture and industry against foreign onslught through globalization; your fake and spineless GMA bows before the god of foreign control and domination.

What a big difference!

10:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Working for civil liberties and freedoms? Tell that to the countless victims of the KAMPANYANG AHOS!

4:18 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

if you batasan 6 are not communist supporters or communist yourselves, Kaya nyo bang sabhin o isigaw sa buong pilipino na di nga kayo sang-ayon sa mga gawain ng mga CPP-NPA-NDF at di nyo nga sinusupport ang gawain ng mga communista? ... If you guys can say that sa madlang pilipino then there's no reason for you guys to lock yourselves. - gaud

5:58 AM  
Blogger ptz821 said...

mr. anonymous,

ano ka ba talaga?

can't you see (bulag ka nga pala!), when the batasan 6 filed the candidacy of BM, AnakPawis, and Gabriela they have sworn to the constitution to abide that. Now, kung wala ka ng maisulat kundi ang paninira sa kanila using that red bait of yours better shut your mouth (finger in this case)!

for your information, no one in this world even the Pope can stop the arm uprising of the people against oppression and armed repression by the state. Even the United nations respect the rights of groups to arm themselves in defense of the right to live, free of harassment and to live in dignity. Kahit si Ninoy umabot sa puntong magpakita sa madla na may dala dalang armas ipakita lang ang defiance ke makoy...

If you want a debate, let's debate on the merits of batasan 6 (il)legal repression by the PNP and DOJ, let's debate on the laws that Batasan 6 have passed and let's debate on the proposed laws they are advancing.

Last of law, let's debate on the progress of european, Korean and Japanese progress even if they have as your so called communist on the ranks of law makers. Let's debate on this.

Kung di mo kaya, your an ignorant, fascist monster masquerading as a democrat believer of free speech, tolerance and peace.

6:59 AM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

Hey, everybody here is free to comment. So if we are all for freedom of speech then let not prevent others from viewing their sides. Ako para sa kin, kung ang batasan 5 ay tunay na makabayan they will fight like voltes 5 heroes and not hide in Congress. Bakit di sila lumabas at magpakulong? Bakit kailan nilang magtago under JDV?

8:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Korea and Japan have communists in their Parliament but they do not have an Armed Component.

That is the Filipino people's main beef with the left in the Philippines eh.

Ayaw namin ng walang katapusang armadong gulo!

For about 50 years, the communist struggle chose the armed way to achieve their aims.

For that same 50 years, the Filipino people said "NO!". Hindi namin gusto ang armadong pakikibaka at hindi namin kayo susuportahan!

Bakit ayaw ninyong makita ang katotohanang ito? Sabihin niyo ito kay Joma Sison kasi ang inyong paniniwala sa Armed Struggle ang most important reason kung bakit hindi kayo nagtatagumpay!

8:25 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

The Batasan 5's actions are not to be construed as hiding under Jose de Venecia -- who initially wanted to give them to the PNP-DIDM-CIDG sans a warrant.

Being a nationalist does not equal getting jail time as you say. How can you fight and expose the injustice of the legal system under Gloria that permits the short-circuiting of due process?

If you were in the same situation, would you haul yourself into jail when there is no probable cause or if the charges against you are all hearsay and without evidence except convoluted lies?

let us be more circumspect and discerning, more so in this Lenten Season.

9:21 AM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

There is a warrant so that there is no shortening of due process. There will be hearings and ofcourse if there is no enough evidence (as they claim) they will get their freedom again. If they don't believe in this process or the present justice system then they have no business of being congressmen of this country.

9:48 AM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

Why, so this person 'Pinoy' seems to be in the know...

since when was there a warrant?

as congressmen of this country, the batasan 5 are actually exposing the ills of the justice system of the nation. u can ask the House leadership why they were given protective custody in the first place.

11:05 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Bakit may mga tao na pilit kinakawing ang Batasan 6 sa komunismo,joma Sison,The Org-CPP-NPA-NDF,Cell site bombing?Napaka simple naman ang gustong ipatimo ng BAtasan 6 sa madlang people,in our rotten system,may bida at kontra bida na Kagaya nga ng Voltes V at Boazanian Empire,but in the end, sympre nagtagumpay ang Voltes V with the help of madlang people.Gusto lang ng mga bida(Voltes V) sa rotten system natin na they are experiencing injustice(kaya nga Rotten!!).they were arrested without any warrant,maybe they will be executed without defending themselves,pero their decision na mag stay sa congress ay isang mahusay na pagiisip,kasi kung magpapakulong sila sa selda,para mo narin tinanggap na pwede kapalang ikulong without any warrant?--at hindi sign ng karuwagan,kundi kahusayan,kasi kung nasa selda na sila,may paguusapan pa ba tayong Voltes V ngayon? wala na silang access sa tech. diba?

And those people na medyo mababaw ang pagtingin sa mga organisasyong nagrarally,kasi di nyo feel ang hirap na nararanasan nila,kumain ka nga ng minsan sa isang araw at ang namumuno sayo ay laging may 10% or more kada pirma ng kontract sa buong term nya?????

Konti lang ang pinagkaiba ng system noon sa panahon ng kastila at system natin ngayon,noon ang kastila ang direktang namumuno sa atin,ngayon ang kano ang namumuno sa pamunuan natin,bawat dikta pirma plus 10%hehehe.

Kaya yung dakdak ng dakdak dyan,Magbasa muna kayo ng history books ninyo na hindi Zyde ang author at malalaman nyo kung paano magtatagumpay Ang VOLTES V against BOAzanian Empire!!!!

PeaCE tayo mga tsong!!!!

11:07 AM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

Hey, dont attack the messenger,please stick to the topic. What I am saying is that they need to respect the authorities and not hide in the congress simply because they are part of this government (under legislature). The Judiciary and executive want them to face the court, so what they are afraid of.

11:33 AM  
Anonymous Michael Peralta said...

(rolls on the floor laughing at the Gonzales-Zuhl comparison)

good one!

But the other one's senile and a lapdog while the other still has enough sanity to manipulate his boss.

11:59 AM  
Blogger maximus said...

I pity pinoy above and those who alleged that batasan 6 are cowards. I pity most those who use 'red-baiting scare and tatics' against the batasan 6 for they merely show their ignorance of the meaning of ideology and principle.

First, for pinoy, will you please show to us your warrant of arrest for the Batasan 6. Maybe it is the same as that which was used to arrest Representative Beltran - an antiquated 1985 warrant of arrest for an offense which has long been dismissed. Or, did you or do you know of any warrant of arrests recently issued against the Batasan 6. Well, it will be not suprising if the government of GMA has already manufactured one. It is just very easy for them to do so. Isn't it that she and her cohorts manufactured votes for her to be at Malacanang palace.

The judiciary and the executive want them to face the court? Ow, common you ignoramus. Do you know what you're saying? Don't you know that the judiciary and the court is one and the same? And why face them when there is still no case that is filed against them? It is only GMA who is persecuting them.

Oh.. if you might ask, they are still under preliminary investigation, the stage of the proceedings where probable cause is yet to be established.

Tatagalugin ko para maintindihan mo. Nag-iimbestiga pa lang and DOK (na bias) kung totong may rebellion silang ginawa at kung dapat ba silang litisin sa korte. Understand!

And why face the court or malacanang if they could turn their backs against them. hehehe.

I'll explain so that you will not misinterpret it. Pwedeng tumalikod at di harapin ang kaso kung sa preliminary invetigation ay hindi ma establish ang probable cause ng rebellion.

What is probable cause? Well, i will not waste my time explaining it to you. You WILL not understand it anyway. hehehe

Anyway, as stated by others, those who are using the red-bating tactics and those who argue that the Batasan 6 are cowards who are hiding in the halls of congress, only show that they have brains a little less than that of a fish. Ohhh, what a pity.

If fighting for the oppressed is communism, then communisn is good. if fighting for 125 and 3000 wage increase in the private and public sector is hallmark of communism, then communism is a fight for the interest of the workers. If pursuing nationalit industrialization and genuine land reform and freedom from foreign domination is communism then, communism is perfect and a cause worthy to fight. If fighting for truth and justice, exposing corruption in the government and refusing to sumbit to the anti-people and anti-Filipino policies of GMA is communism then communism is right. If figting for one's right to exercise all the rights provided for by Constitution and law especially the right not to be deprived of life, liberty or property but by due process of law and the right to freedom of expression is communsim, then everyone should love communism. If the Batasan 6 who espouse all of this principles and who are fighting not only for the realization of their priciples and their rights but the rights of other as well are communist, then I want to be a communist.

From all indication, these communists will be canonized as saints in the future! Me too! Aleluya!

So is it alright that we now append the prefix "St." to the first names of the batasan 6? Will you include me... please!

Onward with the struggle!

"V" for vendetta. hahaha

Sorry pinoy. Argumentum tarantados lang po. hehehe.

till next time

12:12 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

very well said,Pero going back to the topic,RAUL and ZUHL diba pwede talaga?????pwede diba???pwede talaga!!!!pwedeng pwede!

PeACe Tayo mga tsong!!!

12:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For maximus:

How about Oplan Ahos?

Do you still want to be a communist?

O tingnan niyo mga pards, iiwas siyang sumagot dito.

Alam ko na 'yang mga tactics ninyo.

12:39 PM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

To Maximus:
Call me name you want and ridicule me if you want. Maybe, we need more people like you just to show the heart(or lack of heart) of those whose trying to depend the Batasan 5. Second, juidiciary is not the same as the court coz the juidiciary is the system and the court is the place where this system work. And im not,in anyway, saying the court is not part of the judiciary. Third, if you want to write in tagalog or any language please go on, mas maganda naman basahin kesa interpret mo pa ang english na sinulat mo as if ikaw lang ang nakakaalam ng mga sinulat mo. And last dont pity me, i dont need it anyway. I'm enjoying my life, and i'm successful in many ways. Back to the topic: I did not say that the Batasan 5 are corwards, even my previous post. Only,it will be more convincing for me that they are really for the good of the Philippines if they can just face the accussations and fight in the court since if they are not guilty they have nothing to worry. They can even create more publicity and credibility.

1:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

For you Kumpareng Pinoy!

"And last dont pity me, i dont need it anyway. I'm enjoying my life, and i'm successful in many ways."

I just want to say something sa sinabi mo above,lalo na yung-- I'm enjo.....

Pare naka2ingit kanaman,would you think successful ka sa sa loob ng isang bulok na sistema?????would you think successful ang may trabaho na ang sweldo ay 10-15K a month sa MM?Successful ba ang katatapos lang na magraduate with flying colors,or successfull ang topnotcher sa Board Exam?o sumama ka sa pulitiko na panay ang 10% sa bawat pirma?
You know what i mean diba???

Pero talagang bagay, RAUL-ZUHL-RAUL-ZAUL!!Bagay talaga!!!Di ba Bagay????pero bagay na bagay talaga!!!!!

Wag mong masyadong tignan ang sarili m sa salamin,baka pag nabasag tamaan ka pa sa mata!baka hind kana mag succeed in some ways.

PeaCE tayo mga tsong!!!!

3:10 PM  
Blogger maximus said...

To anonymous who said:

"O tingnan niyo mga pards, iiwas siyang sumagot dito.

Alam ko na 'yang mga tactics ninyo.

12:39 PM"

My reply:

Una, Sino ka ba? hehehe

Pangalawa, ano ang oplan ahos? Not that I do not know of it. what is the relation of that to my comments? Don't you notice that my proposition starts with if? Kaya nga if.. diba.

Anyway, oplan ahos is already a story of the past. It was admitted by CPP-NPA as a mistake and those responsible for it have apologized for it. if they commit it again, well it's another story. As of now, as they said, they have asked forgiveness and are trying to compensate the damage. So... let us bury and leave that issue to them. Or if I may suggests, you file a case against the perpetrators.

But....and besides, what is the relation of that oplan to Batasan 6 and their works, principles and/or ideologies? Are they the perpetrators of oplan ahos? What about the extra-judicial killings believed to be perpetrated by the military? At bakit mga aktibista lang ang pinapatay? PAbayaan lang din ba yon?

But Let us just stick to the issue. What I am saying is Batasan 6 are not criminals. The alleged offense imputed to them is yet to be proven. And as you can see, they are victims of political persecution because they stand to their principles and fight what they believe is right for their constituents which contradict that of ate glued to malacanang.

They are just like any one of us, or maybe except you, who wanted to have peace, freedom and justice in this country. They are just wanting truth to come out and for this government to serve the interest of the people and not their vested self interest. This is proven by their works in congress and their advocacies outside. Punta ka sa House of representatives at tingnan kung gaano kadami nilang isinumiteng bills at resolutions. So if anybody who does what they are doing are communist, then I am willing to be like them and be called one. This is the proposition ANONYMOUS. remember that.

ULIT, Ang proposition. "Kung ang ginagawa ng batasan 5 sa loob at labas ng kongreso na isulong ang 125 at 3000 increase ng sahod, ang national industrialization, ang totoong repormang agraryo, ang kalayaan laban sa dahuyang panghihimasok sa ating politika at ekonomiya, and malaman at ilabas ang katotohanan sa dayaan sa eleksyon, ang lumaban at ihayag ang korupsyon sa pamahalaan, ang isulong ang ang interes ng mga malilit at abang sektor ng lipunan na siyang nagluklok sa kanila sa kongreso, kung yang kanilang ginagawa ay gawain ng mga komunista, di ba silang tinuringang kumonista ay di hamak na mas may pagmamahal sa bayan at may totoong pag-aalay ng kanilang buhay at serbisyo sa mga mamamayan kaysa sa kay GMA at mga alipores nito? Kung gayon, anonymous, kung ganyan ang mga kumunista, nais ko at tiyak hindi lang ako, ang gustong maging kumonista.

Ikaw ba.. ayaw mo?


To pinoy,

You did not say that they are cowards? or maybe you are not just using the word "coward" in your argument?

Di ba sinabi mo "Bakit di sila lumabas at magpakulong? Bakit kailan nilang magtago under JDV?

and "they should... not hide in the congress simply because they are part of this government"

Di ba sinabi mo yon? baka nakalimutan mo, pinaalala ko sa yo.

bat sila magpapakulong? Di naman sila baliw na gagawin yon? May kaso na bang naisampa sa korte sa kanila?

Where is now your warrant of arrest? Show me PLEASE...

Re: Your argument:

"The Judiciary .... want them to face the court, so what they are afraid of."

And what court said that? Sinong justice o judge nagsabi nyan? Sino nagsabi nyan.. San mo narinig o nabasa yan. Please tell us. please...

RE: your argument:

"Only,it will be more convincing for me that they are really for the good of the Philippines if they can just face the accussations and fight in the court since if they are not guilty they have nothing to worry. They can even create more publicity and credibility."

Well they are now facing it. they have participated in the preliminary investigation conducted by the DOJ and in fact they have filed petitions before the court of appeals. Tsaka there is no case in court yet so, wala pa silang haharapin na kaso sa korte.

So did it already convince you?

re: your argument:

"Bakit di sila lumabas at magpakulong? Bakit kailan nilang magtago under JDV?" and

"There will be hearings and ofcourse if there is no enough evidence (as they claim) they will get their freedom again."


Di naman sila baliw na magpakulong na lang na walang kasalanan at wala pang kasong naisampsa sa kanila.

Why would they give up their freedom if there is no case yet against them and there is no warrant for their arrest?

Baliktad yata ang argumento mo. it should be that the government/complainant has the burden of proof that they have committed the crime of rebellion and probable cause is established by the DOJ and case filed in court before warrants of arrest are issued by the judge against them. Remember, preliminary investigation pa lang and kanilang kaso. Meaning wala pang kaso sa korte and wala pang warrant of arrest kasi ang judge lang ang makapag-isyu ng warrant of arrest. Kung walang probable cause, there is no case, there is no point of having a hearing in court. Ibig sabihin, dismiss ang kaso sa preliminary investigation pa lang. So as of now, there is no basis yet to deprive them of their freedom kasi wala pang finding of probabale cause at no information yet is filed in court.

Please remember, their right to be presumed innocent until proven otherwise sould be maintained and respected.

At kaya sila nasa protective custody of the house of representatives which was unanimously approved by the house, is precisely because they wanted to avoid illegal warrantless arrest of their persons dahil may threat na gawin yon sa kanila ang police gaya ng ginawa kay representative beltran.
Kung ikaw kaya sa kalagayan nila, papayag ka bang basta na lang hulihin na walng kasalan, na walang kasong naisampa sa iyo sa korte, at na walang warrant of arrest laban sa yo?

Intiendes mi amigo?

4:07 PM  
Blogger maximus said...

dami kasing kayong anonymous. Magkakapatind seguro kayo ano. Ano pala apelyido nyo? "gonzales? hehehe.

But i hope my message will get through to whom it is properly intended!

Kay anonymous na kumpare si pinoy, mabuhay ka, malay nyo magkumpare din tayo. hehehe.

peace tayo ha. Argumento lang.

Lalo na nagsacrifice ngayong araw si Jesus Christ. Peace brothers!


4:22 PM  
Blogger bengulapabsp said...

Amg inyong simulain at tiisin ay gabay sa pagbabagong tahakin sa landas ng mga binubusabos. Mabuhay po kayo at nasa tabi lang po ninyo kami.

4:50 PM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

To maximus,
I did not say they are cowards and only reacting to your this comment of yours:

"I pity pinoy above and those who alleged that batasan 6 are cowards".

If you feel that I'm implying they are cowards then that is your interpretation..but please don't put words in my mouth base from your interpretation, so that i don't need to clarify..

"At bakit sila magpapakulong kung wala silang kasalanan..."

And how do you know they are innocent? I am not saying either that they are guilty, the court will determine that. If they will be arrested without warrant ofcourse the government have the basis for that, and they can also question that basis in the court.

All i'm saying is why they dont want to go out of congress and face everything if they believe they are not guilty.

5:00 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


the equation is not as simple as that. It is not as simple as the Batasan 6 must go out of Congress grounds to face the authorities, to face their tormentors. These "few good men and a woman" are street parliamentarians and some of them, like Ka Satur, had known what it is like to be in the hands of fascists. They are also representatives of certain sectors and cross sections of the popoulation which today are experiencing political harassment, disappearances, killings and illegal arrests. As representatives of these people victimized by an emergent fascist regime (read New York Times editorial), they are duty bound to make a strong statement against illegal warrantless arrest. This is to say nothing that the charges against them are trumped up.

As I've said, these people know what it is like to be in the hands of fascists. The track of the government is to lock them up even if the evidence it has against the B6 can not stand up in court, prolong the process of trial to effectively shut them off from their advocacies in the halls of Congress. And while the trial is going on, the government will move with the Comelec for disqualifying their party lists. The last is actually already in the works. Given this eviltry, should the B5 submit themselves to a proceeding that right at the very start is not going to be a fair and equal battle? When they decided to seek protective custody from Congress last February, they had seen, they had a foretaste of that government track with the arrest of Ka Bel who can not now speak for being behind bars, reduced to eerie silence, shorn of defenses except for the skill of his lawyer. What happened to Ka Bel only shows that to surrender to the authorities, to allow themselves to be arrested is verily to walk into the trap the DOJ and the GMA regime have laid before them, and will only strengthen the fascist cause while reducing them to even more sheer vulnerability.

In this conflict, it is the government, showing no qualms about using the brute force of the state, including the use of underhanded tactics in the legal plane, which is definitely on the advantage. Why should the B5 magnify that advantage by walking into the government's trap?

6:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Noypi, hindi ako huwes pero ngayon pa lang, pwede ko na sabihin na inosente sila without fear of contradiction. Hindi mo ba nahalata na sensational na kaso ito? Si Gloria kung may mahuling carnapper, press conference kaagad at left and right ang interview sa mga state witness kuno. Tapos picture! picture! Pero nakapagtataka nasa kasong ito, tila nagtatago yung mga star witness nila. Parang nahihiya. Bakit kaya?

Because their evidences can not stand in court. Maniwala ka sa akin dahil nabasa ko kahit hindi ako abogado.

Paano ba naman titindig sa korte ang testimonya nila. May isang nagsasabing nakita daw niya sa Bukal, Padre Garcia, Batangas noong 20 ng Pebrero, alas 3:oo ng hapon ang B6. Ang problema, hindi nacoordinate ng mga bugok na CIDG ang Congress security personnel. Nakita sa camera ng Congress ang Batasan 6 sa iba't ibang lugar at opisina ng Congress sa araw ding iyun.

May isa naman na nagsasabi na nakipagpulong ang Batasan 6 kay Vic Ladlad at isang Randall Echaniz. Ano ngayon? Kailan ba naging bawal ang makipagpulong ni kahit kanino?

Kaya hayun, walang maipress conference ang CIDG at DOJ. Ang tanging sinandalan nila ay kanila ang karsel at may Velasco sila at Lomibao na sipsip, susunod sa kanila kahit nagkabuhol buhol ang kanilang mga hakbangin.

Kung patas lang sana ang laban, pwede paseguro na lalabas ang B5 at subukan ang police. Pero with Raul and Gloria around, I'm sorry! And that's a real really I"m sorry!

Kaya mag-inuman ka na lang jan bossing noypi. Once in a while, kelangan din natin na may Hudeyo sa ating paligid.

7:24 PM  
Anonymous Noli Me Tangere said...

This blog article has more sense than scoring back at Sec. Raul Gonzales' Voltes 5 remark. Teddy have you read this?:


7:25 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Magandang Araw!

Pwdeng magtanong? Ano po ba ang definition ng "leftist" o communist? Pag sinabing Democracy, ano yun? Masyadong palasak na kasi ang paggamit ng mga "labels" na to, gusto ko lang munang malaman kung ano ang tunay na ibig sabhin nito. Parang masyadong simplistic ang pagkakagamit ng mga salitang ito. Pag sinabi bang Communist, masama na ito? Pag sinabing democracy, is it the simple means of expressing freedom? Kasama ba sa freedom na ito ang pag lapastangan ng katauhan ng ibang tao, kahit di mo sya personal na kilala?

Nalilito ako. Huwag kayong magtaka kung ibang kabataan, ayaw nang makialam, o walang pakialam. Kasi kulang sa impormasyon, o mali ang mga impormasyon.

Sa ibang gustong mag-comment, kung di naman tungkol sa akda ang icocomment nyo, wag na kayo magsulat, kaysa sayangin nyo ang space sa paglalagay ng mga comment na nakakasira o nan-dedegrade ng katauhan ng iba. Masyadong personal ang paninira nyo.

12:28 PM  
Anonymous jephoy said...

Kuhl! Galing ah, puede post mo din ang Japanese version ng theme song? Hehehe...

sana hindi na kayoi-threathen ng warrantless arrest ng gubyerno. Nagiging obvious ang paranoia ng gubyerno eh.

2:04 PM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

Wait a moment please dear brother and sister bloggers. Balik tayo sa topic ng comment if you may.

"If the Batasan 5 is Voltes 5, who is Zuhl?"

It is quite uncanny really, but take a look at the pic of Zuhl and Raul Gonzales. Grabe talaga -- they have a great similarity.

click to: http://www.doj.gov.ph/

comments as always are welcome.

2:41 PM  
Anonymous vinsoy said...

"If the Batasan 5 is Voltes 5, who is Zuhl?"



It is quite uncanny really, but take a look at the pic of Zuhl and Raul Gonzales. Grabe talaga -- they have a great similarity.

comments as always are welcome.

2:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Padayon sa pakigbisog alang sa tiunay nga kagawasan sa nasud. Salamat!


10:21 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Where kana mr. Pinoy?????sana mapatimo m sa isip m na ang iyong paligid ay hindi kaiba sa paligid namin at sa paligid ni ZUHL at sa paligid ng "VOLTES V" at sa paligid ng madlang people na ang karamihan ay naghihikahos upang may makain lamang pero hangat nandyan ang Emperyo ng mga nanamantala,tuloytuloy at walang puknat ang ang pagsulong ng mga bida sa pelikula kasama ang VOLTES V.

Sa totoo, hindi talaga si VOLTES V ang Bida sa pelikula kundi ang madlang pipol,dahil sila ang nagbibigay inspirasyon kay VOLTES V upang labanan ang kagaya ni ZUHL at ang emperyong nasa likod nito!
Kaya kung ako sa iyo mr. noypi at sa ibang kagaya ni mr. noypi,at sa iluluwal na bulok na sistema na kagaya ni mr. noypi, mas palawakin pa ang inyong pagiisip,sa mga nakikita nyo sa paligid,at sa mga ayaw ng palawakin ang kanilang pagiisip,maghanda na kayo kasi sa kalAunay magtatagumpay din ang mga inaapi at mamawala ang mga nangaapi.

Pero sa ngayon,parang gusto kong bumalik sa nursery????

na mis ko ang mga rhymes!!!!!


PeaCE tayo mga tsong!!!!!!

3:33 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

zuhl na zuhl talaga si raul! check these links out! :)

(raul) http://www.op.gov.ph/profiles_gonzales.asp


10:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ang BLOGGING HUKBONG BAYAN ay mas di magagaping diwa! MAbuhay Kayo!!!

3:38 PM  
Blogger Pinoy said...

To anonymous who always have parting words na "Peace tayo tsong";

Whatever your opinion you don't need to ridicule anyone or show your arrogance by using "mura". Is this the type of person you are telling us we need to believe in? You are keeping GMA stays in power because by showing your attitude you make people think twice even they have bad feeling with the government.

3:47 PM  
Anonymous constantflux said...

critics of the Left are invited to http://redscare.motime.com/

10:09 AM  

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