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Saturday, April 29, 2006


Conspiracy theory

I’ve always been a fan of conspiracy theories. That’s why I love the X-Files – Scully and Mulder stumbling upon the ultimate conspiracy of all -- that aliens are already among us and invading the Earth by alterning our genetic material using bees. I’m also itching to borrow Dan Brown’s The Da Vinci Code from one of Joel Virador’s staff members who’s not through reading it yet.

Anyway, I’ve always loved conspiracy theories but never thought I’d be part of one until now.

Reading the DOJ’s resolution finding probable cause on our case and the amended information it filed secretely before the Makati Regional Trial Court last April 23, I thought, “Oh boy, our police and prosecutors could give Dan Brown and Robert Ludlum a run for their money.”

Imagine, I am charged as a principal respondent in crimes allegedly committed by the CPP-NPA when I was still three years old. THREE YEARS OLD! No kidding. I am now officially accused by the government of having conspired with Joma, Dante Buscayno, et. al. in a 1969 NPA ambush in Zambales, the 1971 Plaza Miranda bombing, Ka Roger’s military adventures in Masbate, the killing of Col. Rodolfo Aguinaldo and Fr. Balweg and a hodge-podge of other crimes unearthed from the moldy archives of the ISAFP. Topping it all off is the "Left-Right" coup plot against Pres. Arroyo in 2006. As the cliché goes, kulang na lang ibintang nila sa ‘kin at sa Batasan 6 ang pagpatay kay Jose Rizal at pagpako kay Kristo.

The government’s conspiracy theory goes like this: since our respective parties are “fronts” of the CPP-NPA-NDF, then we, as top leaders of our respective parties, should also be top leaders of the CPP (members of the elite Central Committee at that!). As CPP top honchos, then, we are now considered principal respondents in ALL crimes allegedly committed by the rebel movement IN THE LAST 37 YEARS of its existence. Boy, oh boy.

What’s really curious is that nowhere in the complaint are we ever mentioned to have taken part in, much more led, a popular armed uprising to overthrow a government, which is what a rebellion is. The “overt acts” directly attributed to us are “extra legal activities” like taking part in rallies and demonstrations (?!), attending meetings and other things we normally do as elected representatives in Congress.

As to the charge that we re-channeled government funds to the rebel movement, nowhere in the complaint does it say how much we re-channeled, when, where and how. Instead, there is a mere testimony by their scarf-clad star witness that he overheard the six of us in a meeting discussing how to go about the anomaly. What, no COA or DBM report? No bank statements? At hearsay pa! Tsk, tsk.

This leads me to conclude a more logical conspiracy: the conspiracy between Malacañang, the DOJ, AFP and PNP to destroy our parties by putting us behind bars on a non-bailable charge and then delaying the case till God knows when. In the meantime, mananahimik ang Konggreso at tuloy ang kanilang ligaya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Don't be too overeager. Your time will come so KORTE. If there is enough evidence patay kang bata ka. Kung wala naman rejoice dahil ka wala ka namang kasalanan. TRUTH shall set you free OK? SO relax lang kayo. And sa mga press release nyo di ba na you are willing to submit sa LAW of the land. SO relax..

Mabuhay kayo.

12:55 PM  
Anonymous Rod said...

Sa palagay ko hindi "conspiracy theory" yan. Baka Twilight Zone! Yan mas OK na titulo sa mga kathang isip.

3:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Amado Hernandez was imprisoned for eight -- EIGHT -- years while his case dragged on and on, through one court after another. I think this is what this inglorious government wants to do. Immobilize people so they can change the Constitution and make Norberto Gonzeles and Gonzaleses of all permutations KINGS of the Philippines.

8:48 PM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

Conspiracy? Ah, that topic brings to mind an old "conspiracy theory" as the line of defense put up by totalitarian regimes to justify their actions. Fascism/Nazism demonized and eliminated the Jews and the gypsies on the theory that they obstructed progress and polluted society. A paranoid regime always looks around for enemies to fingerpoint, while it deflects public attention from its misdeeds and engages in self-glorification and pontification.

This image of a "feared enemy" incarnates in the same mindset and frenzied attack against communism by western societies, where people imagine scenarios of all kinds as consequential "evils" of a communist takeover. Reminds us of what's happening to Batasan6 today. Part of that conspiracy theory is the idea that rebellion is a "continuing crime." Its logic or application makes me wonder, as Teddy also pointed out (he was just 3 years old then, how come he is tagged a "rebel" now?). If such "theory" were correct, then GMA, Angelo Reyes and other conspiracists in EDSA 2 are equally guilty of that same charge. The charge sheet also covers, among many crimes, the "Hello Garci" scandal, where two agents conspired to prop up an illegal government. But GMA and her minions are always right in their subliminal musings:"What are we in POWER for, anyway?"

If the conspiracy theory is to be taken in all seriousness, I think it is this: the "conspiracy of silence" among the majority of Filipinos who, according to surveys (e.g., SWS) say that they don't trust this regime and want Gloria out.

12:38 AM  
Anonymous james jayme said...

this isn't looking so good for you guys.... they are stepping up a notch every single time in oppressing the people... Your sacrifices will send messages among the whole of filipino populace that it is the time. the time to make a stand and take glo out ....ayaw na namin kay glo

12:44 AM  
Blogger kalovski said...

This whole effort by GMA to contain leaders of the people to a certain location ( prison, hospital and congress ) will not last long. Everyday, GMA’s political hold is fastly dissipating. Seeing from afar, I see lull happening in mobilizations. I see this lull like the coming of a big typhoon. Quietness occurs for a time, then suddenly when it comes it sweeps all with its devastating power. I think this is what is happening now. The silence of the people especially the middle class is deafening for me. But I know this imposed silence quite deafening is actually the gathering of the silent storm. And when that force is now concentrated in that period of silence, it will come a point of explosion whereby e you see people pouring out the streets you have never imagined before, out in the streets, out of their own will. As you see there is a season for planting as well there is that season for harvest. So for us, the only best thing we can do is to strive that the gathering of momentum will be hastened to its full course.

All the stories made, the conspiracy concocted will not hold water. These are figments of GMA's imagination, of Norberto Gonzales imagination, and all her ass lickers. GMA is now growingly known here in the US as cheater, a fake. I do not know how she’ll handle this. But this woman is just so psychotic. I for one will not permit her, to impose to us her personality disorder. Getting rid of her is now so urgent or else everybody will be experiencing tantrumatic episodes that will devastate all of us citizens even those staying abroad like me.

1:10 AM  
Blogger kalovski said...

I was reading this newspaper this morning of a mother who was put to jail because she left her kid in their house, lock in her room for one week only to know her kid had died inside. She was later found to have this personality disorder by the court was sent to life imprisonment. When I read this news, I noticed that the story was familiar to me. Then I saw that indeed it was. This is the same story that GMA is doing to the 6 congressman. One is locked in the hospital, Crispin Beltran after being jailed and the rest are contained in congress not permitted to go out. In the US, parents abandon or even leave their children unattended are sent to jail. Much more locking their children in there rooms. The worst of this story is that in the case of GMA she had locked her congressmen to rot in their rooms, not for hours, or for days, but months. I would imagine how that kid locked inside her room would say, Mom please help me, Mom I am hungry, Mom I am thirsty, Mom where are you, its dark here. Now you think, is this what GMA is also doing? Do
you want your Mom to lock you up until you're dead in your room for months and months, with nothing to eat. You must have a crazy Mom or a killer Mom, a psychotic or neurotic mother who should be sent immediately to the state mental hospital or jail so she can be helped. Now think about what GMA is doing to her congressmen. She has the same personality fit to the Mom described in the newspaper I read. Now like the woman in the story, she even finds happeness in locking her kid ans she’ll make up stories out of her disillusions. That’s so frightening indeed. I hope the people the Filipino people will see what GMA is doing and as early as possible help her by sending her to a mental institution where she can recuperate. The Filipino people can help her. I hope our church people, our Bishops who have trainings in pastoral care education in their ministry will see this. Denying this will make themselves co-dependent, and they know what I am talking about.

1:50 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kaya pala ganun si Mikee at Luli. He he.

2:05 AM  
Anonymous Diego K. Guerrero said...

FANTASY theory is the right name for Arroyo government the Right and Left conspiracy power grab. Manufactured evidences against alleged conspirators cannot stand in the court of law. It appears that a rebellion charge from Department of Justice is selective. Why Pastor Boy Saycon and Peping Cojuangco are NOT included in rebellion charge sheet? Malacañang Palace had linked Saycon and Cojuangco to a plot to topple the Arroyo government based on intelligence reports and an article in Time Magazine Asia planned for a "withdrawal of support" from the bogus President Arroyo. Boy Saycon called a certain "Delta," later identified as Army General Danilo Lim. General Lim and his group planned military march to EDSA on February 24, 2006. The Right and Left conspiracy is a squid tactics to hide the crimes of Gloria Pidal Arroyo and her cohorts.

8:16 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

FYI. Yesterday, Tribune.net (Philippines) chronicled that 2 U.S. based organizations are now beginning to take notice of GMA's "sins," including her dictatorial tendencies that the New York Times Editorial of April 5, 2006 had echoed.

These are the Heritage Foundation, a Republican think-tank, in D.C., and Freedom House, a NY-based org. Heritage scored Gloria on her disregard of the rule of law, while Freedom House downgraded its rating of RP from "free" to "partly free" due to its growing intolerance (esp. to media) and "culture of impunity." [see http://www.tribune.net.ph/headlines/20060501hed2.html]

This is just a sign that things are closing in on Gloria's shrouded and power-hungry regime. The moment Bush says, "Gloria, you got to cut and cut cleanly," GMA is finished.

11:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

articles in www.womensmediacenter.org; this was founded by jane fonda.
also various women's publications re: Liza Maza and the Batasan 6. heard that big MS Magazine publication coming out.

totoo ba that movie actress Lily Tomlin signed a petition to free Liza Maza and the rest of the accused? the tsismis here in California is that some Pinays have been going through the hollywood roster getting signatories for the Batasan 6 petition.

karamihan po ng mga domestics ng movie stars ay mga Pinay kaya naabot ng kababaihan. Daming autograph!

12:02 AM  
Anonymous Tension said...

The Middle Class silence is indeed deafening.

Both the Government and the Leftists should not mess with the Middle Class.

The Middle Class brought down the Marcos and Erap Governments.

That track record is for all the world to see. That track record has not even been matched the you in the Leftist/Communist movement.

So you guys also better watch out because the Middle Class is monitoring your every move.

9:04 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

^^ In the end, i think the middle class holds the ultimate power in this country.

They decide who and who not to place in power.

That is why communists and leftists are doomed to be always "outside the kulambo" forever. He-he-he.

9:08 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What middle class? Are you crazy?>

9:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yung naging respondents ng mga surveys ng SWS through telephone na nagsabing gusto nilang umalis na si Gloria, middle class kaya yun? Sa napansin ko sa mga kapitbahay kong middle class, abala sila sa pagbebenta ng kanilang sasakyan dahil hindi na nila kayang bayaran yung installment at dahil sa pagtaas ng gasolina, cursing Gloria at every turn.

9:41 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

tension, bakit napunta sa silent middle class and usapan? tsaka yung na interview ng SWS, lahat ba o majority nun middle class? so, ibig mo sabihin ang middle class ay necessarily anti-leftist? anti-government din? magulo yata.

pakipaliwanag nga kung bakit ang middle class ang naging sanhi ng matagumpay na patalsikin si Marcos at Erap? hindi sangkot ang mahihirap? military? church people? leftists?

"That is why communists and leftists are doomed to be always "outside the kulambo" forever." ikaw din ba yan tension?(na biglang naging anonymous)?

at paano naman naging middle class lang ang nagsasabi kung sino ang ilalagay sa puwesto? anong klaseng power yung hawak nila? kala ko mas kukunti sila sa bilang, at ang leadership factor ay sa elite din mismo galing.

10:12 AM  
Blogger ptz821 said...

To Tension:

Please give statistics how much percentage of the population belongs to the middle class for you to say that the middle alone is the force to reckon with.

Nakalimutan mo yata ang social reality na ang middle class na sinasabi mo ay ilang taon ng naging minority... ang majority natin ngayon ay magsasakang walang lupain at manggagawang walang trabaho.

While it's true that the intelligentia ay middle class, it's true also na kailangan i-link ang issue ng middle class sa mga magsasaka at manggagawa dahil ang 90% ng Pilipinas ay nasa baba ng middle class... at kung totoong middle class ang pwersa ng pagbabago... kelan ba kayo kikilos para magbago.

10:43 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

the filipino middle class is overseas! ha, ha, ha!

1:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Reading the news...
"In QC, job fair eclipses rallies"

"Peaceful rally during Labor day"

OO nga, read the lines my friend.

It is about time that the KMU, bayan muna hear this. The job seekers are not attending the rallies no more but the job fairs.

I admire the TUCP for doing this service to the people. Alam ko sasabihin nyong front ng americans, pakawala ni gloria etc.., blah..blah...

Political maturity of the filipino people has started. They have seen the light and be able to distinguished political gimmickry, trapos attitude and extremist politicians.

Mabuhay to the centrist and discerning filipino people.

7:15 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I disagree, not the middle class but the ones that have been guided by conscience and rule of law.

Which can come from all classes. It is very unfair, for the poor classes to be judged not having this qualities.

Howoever I must admit, that the masa is the common target of extremist ideas and trapos. They can easily be exploited because of their living conditions (food, shelter etc).

There are organizations that does this and they do it very well :)

7:26 AM  
Anonymous Bong said...

Marcos is no longer around anyways, so what in the world are you guys hiding behind Congress and not face the music like you're suppose to. Has life been a little easier for you folks since majority of your so-called comrades are still sweating in the streets of Manila protesting everyday. You guys rant about hardships but you actually have a big pork-barrel and be fed 3 times a day while some of your comrades probably one meal for the day is pretty standard, when these guys can't even provide for their families and they have to give their time for you cowards hiding behind the curtains of Congress. You probably don't realize that, but your left leaning ideas of a better Philippines is pretty much a dead issue throughout the world.They have fallen and would rather come to the fold of democracy. You should ask yourself this? Is Philippines better off a communist country? Ask the Vietnamese How it feels to be alienated from the rest of the world.Would you like that to happen to the Filipinos? You guys are a mere disguise that you pretend to be nationalistic but in reality your just bunch of commies.You guys belong in jail and if you were innocent then you would not be hiding behind the walls of Congress.

5:42 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yan ba ang majority, May 1, rally walang nag-attend..

58% of Pilipino now thinks the opposite should stop destabilization. Ngayon, survey kayo kase ng survey, ano ngayon? Sabi na ng majority STOP NA..o sabihin nyo ngayon na dapat sundin ang boses ng bayan.

6:59 PM  
Anonymous bludwid said...

I don't know about the silent majority and this pacifism BS...

As far as I'm concerned, I see elected politicians, nay moreso, fellow Filipinos, being failed by the judicial system which they're supposed to trust...

Probably cause which happened when one of the accused is 3 years old? Surely, you don't have to be a rocket scientist to figure out there's something wrong with that picture.

The problem with these so-called "middle-class" is they think too highly of themselves, caught up in their own superficial world of living for material gains to really give a sh*t. They even founded a new term to call it - the Silent Majority, just to shroud their apathy, if not their outright cowardice.

Huwag nang magpalusot by saying "let's think of the country and stop this destabilization". At least be brave enough to admit that you really don't care.

The silent majority? That's exactly the reason our president is getting away with murder. Yan ang problema ng Pinoy. Hanggang hindi ang sarili nilang kalayaan ang nayuyurakan, hindi sila kikilos...

Tulad nga ng sinabi ng lolo ko...Hijo, tama na ang palusot. Kapag gusto mong gawin, may paraan; kung ayaw mo, laging may dahilan.

7:17 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...


"58% of Pilipino now thinks the opposite should stop destabilization. Ngayon, survey kayo kase ng survey, ano ngayon? Sabi na ng majority STOP NA..o sabihin nyo ngayon na dapat sundin ang boses ng bayan."

Good point. Since I was the first to raise the issue of surveys, let me give my 69 cents worth. A dispassionate analysis should probably come from SWS, if it minds doing it.

However, I also see some tendency of misreading or injecting of meaning here. The word "destabilization" (a favorite Malacanang line) was DEFINITELY NOT SAID in the poll question. For the benefit of those who have not read the SWS survey, this was what it asked:

"The members of the opposition against PGMA should start helping to improve the country and stop too much politics." 58% agree, 15% disagree, etc.

If the word "DESTABILIZATION" were used by SWS, I doubt if the results will be the same. Besides, by not doing so (i.e., not using a direct, “politically charged” question), one may later on weaponize a “favorable,” or “innocent,” response to advance one’s agenda.

I see the above-quoted SWS question as “not necessarily loaded” the way others think of it. That is, it is not an evidence to say that GMA is right and her critics are wrong. Even in this thread of the Batasan6, pros and antis happily agree that the country should move forward, that people should be united, etc. Don’t they? The disagreements, if any, are on the mechanics (HOW to “help improve” and WHAT does it take to “stop politicking”).

This brings us now to an interesting point that, oblivious to many who hear or read only a part but not the whole, this survey was COMMISSIONED by the GOVERNMENT thru the Philippine Information Agency (care Mr. Pedro Laylo, Jr.). It's one of PIA's advertisements published on April 23 by the Philippine Star and Philippine Daily Inquirer .

Interestingly, a similar survey in March 2006 (NOT COMMISSIONED by anyone, but done by SWS on its own initiative), showed these results:

"If President Arroyo resigns, it will be good for the country." 44% agree, 23% disagree, etc. (in Dec 2005, the results are 58% agree, 17% disagree)

"It is good for the country if PGMA will be removed by means of a People Power." 48% agree, 27% disagree

"The government was right in deciding last Feb 24 to prohibit rallies against the Arroyo admininstration." 29% agree, 45% disagree.

8:09 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this class is such a majority, why is it silent? If it is indeed silent, how did it become a majority?

In politics, you can not become a majority by being silent.

10:01 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

To Hawaiian guy,

Let's be fair naman, kapag ang survey against kay GMA, di na ninyo tinitignan ang mga questions. Kase ganyan din ang explanation ni Mr.Tiglao dati ng lumabas na against sa Gov't ang result kase bias daw mga questions or etc..blah..blah... Tapos di ba ang Ibon Foundation ay commision by opposition lagi naman? Pero di naman di naman nyo sinasabi yan kapag Ibon Foundation ang naglabas ng survey.. Atsaka, ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng "stop too much politics" ?? Para ka ring si Mr. Tiglao na dating chief of staff ni GMA eh..

Okey..tignan mo na lang ang May 1, rally..mas madami pa ang nag-attend sa Job fair.. Kase mas marami ang gusto na manahimik...kaya tinawag na silent majority kase majority tahimik na..dahil di naman kasing sama ni Marcos or ni Erap si GMA tulad ng pinipilit nyo. Si Marcos lantaran ang corruption..si Erap midnight cabinet at mga Mansion sa mga kabit..wala pa naman ganyan sa GMA administration..eh...at kung may corruption basta hindi garapalan okey na yun sa majority kase wala namang perfect na Gobyerno, kahit saan merong corruption..
Sige nga hanap ka ng kandidato na gagastos ng Bilyon bilyon sa election sabay kikita lang wala pang 100 thousand sa isang buwan, sabay di magbibigay ng favor kahit kanino..Una walang taong ganun na magpapalugi lang para maging pinuno ng sobrang gulong Pilipinas..pangawala kung meron na magpapalugi ng ganun..di rin mananalo..paniyak..
Sige ipilit nyo sa inyo pero hanap muna kayo ng mayaman na kakadidato tapos na handang magwaldas ng bilyon sa election pero di magnanakaw kahit singko ha..
Pag meron ganun..siguro mapapatalsik nyo na nga si GMA...ako mismo kakampi nyo..hehehe..

1:51 PM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...


Fairness, that's exactly what comes back to you after I responded to your retort. That's why I examine the questions, which others read literally. Let's try to put them in a wider context, and not in isolation with other questions or events.

Why don't we stick to the issue (survey) you raised, that I answered? I was expecting that you would reply back on those points, like equating "destabilization" with the SWS question.

"stop too much politics = destabilization" (base ito sa sinabi mo: "atsaka ano ba ang ibig sabihin ng "stop too much politics")

Tulad ng "silent majority=majority tahimik na?" Is that it? Like Y = X? (because what defines X also defines Y)

"dahil di naman kasing sama ni Marcos or ni Erap si GMA tulad ng pinipilit nyo."

In the first place, I never made any comparison here. If others said about it, I'm not them ("niyo")although we may share some ideas. Also, I wonder if you read the SWS survey about this, na siya mo ring ginawang basihan. If you believe in the 58% saying "stop na," is the SWS finding biased, that GMA scored -30 while Erap scored above zero, during their lowest ebb? (I don't like Erap either.)

Since I presented the source of who commissioned the SWS survey, I would also expect that you do the same for the Ibon. Honestly, I don't have the info as you do. Tanong ko lang, sinong opposition? Pakibigay nga ng ebidensiya?

Second, you have strayed away from the topic, like equating me with Tiglao. Sorry, there is a whole world of difference between me and him. What I see here is attacking the person, not the idea he espouses.

Third, you said this "at kung may corruption basta hindi garapalan okey na yun sa majority kase wala namang perfect na Gobyerno." Ah, okey pala sayo ang corruption basta hindi garapalan. At ano ang basihan mo na ang majority ay ganyan din ang opinion? At saka, ano yung fertilizer scam, at yung Northrail project na nasa Senate na gusto nilang bulatlatin uli? At ano rin ba and punot-dulo ng "Hello Garci?" Kung hindi garapal na corruption ang mga yun, ewan ko kung ano ang ibig sabihin ng garapal.

Nagtatanong lang po. Sana maayos ding sagutin.

4:53 PM  
Blogger ptz821 said...

I agree with Budwid in his position:

"The problem with these so-called "middle-class" is they think too highly of themselves, caught up in their own superficial world of living for material gains to really give a sh*t. They even founded a new term to call it - the Silent Majority, just to shroud their apathy, if not their outright cowardice."

Why don't the "thingking, concerned, and silent" middle class visit the slums, the neglected rural areas, the public schools, the public clinics and hospitals and then tell to us if indeed the so "middle class" is a majority?

What everybody sees are only sprinkle middle class amidst the sea of urban and rural poor people of the toiling masses.

In any case, we are not trying to put a wedge between the thin line separating the toiling masses and the middle class in this debate rather to forge an alliance for the advancement of the country especially at this time were both class is being subjected to economic deprivation, heavy taxation, high prices etc.

My question to anonymous is this, how far the quality and the quantity of jobs are being offered in the job fairs? Are these for long term economic growth of the individual and the national economy in general? Or are these only an appeasement to "middle class" unemployed members? How long is the employment?

I don't see also by attending or submitting resume's, mending for oneself, not attending rallies are a manifestations of political maturity?

How so? when having a left leaning progressive party lists, when having congresspersons to be an astute critic of government mispolicies, when having radical resolutions such as nationalization, wage hike, women's and children's right, are branded blindfully as coup plotters, destabilizers etc.

Is that a sign of political maturity? Is that a sign of political awakening?

We must be all dreaming when everybody said that we are politically mature when we cannot even stand a debate with these political activist. We must be all in a nightmare when we learned that european parliaments are having members (MP's and MEP's) from the left side of the fence.

Tsk... tsk... tsk... we are all politically mature enough, we condemned rallies in schools, in church, in offices, in factories, in the streets... we are truly politically mature... wheeewwww.

and i belong in politically (im)mature middle class.

ps. read c.d. quiros column (Inquirer), you might learned from what he says about the apathy of the middle class.

10:05 PM  
Anonymous bludwid said...

In addition, please don't hate me for generalizing the middle class.

Sure there are plenty of middle-class, even upper class people who care. I know a lot of them.

However, how many people actually support charities? Let's be honest. Of these so-called "Silent Majority", what percentage actually give part of their money to charity, or even yet participate in outreach activities which don't even require money? Or kailan ba talaga nila ipinaglaban ang mahihirap? Most well-to-do Pinoys consider giving that Piso to a sampaguita vendor knocking on their car window during the red light already a charitable act. Rubbish.

A lot of people cop out by saying "let the courts decide", or "let due process take its course". E kung tabingi na nga ang Judiciary system, hahayaan mo pa ba itong magpatuloy? If the judiciary system is full of people who are political apointees of the head of the Executive branch, and majority of the legislative are "tutas" of the head of the Executive branch also. And the very, very few people with authority, like the Batasan 6, can get persecuted and those charges fast tracked into guilty verdicts because of this fact, hahayaan pa ba natin?

I know and respect Satur, Crispin, and Teddy. I don't necessarily agree with their political beliefs, but this situation goes beyond that. It's a human rights issue already. These people are victims of a crooked and corrupt system. We all know they are getting a raw deal, right? Whether they're guilty or otherwise, the bottomline is they should be afforded due process and deserve a fair trial.

Whether they're left-leaning, CPP-patronizing, or whatever accusations people here paste them with - it all doesn't matter. They are accused - no more than that, and are innocent UNTIL proven guilty.

How absurd the government's motives in taking great pains and exerting all means necessary to nail these 6 people is so transparent. Sabi ko nga, kahit bobo ka kitang-kita mo dahil super-obvious.

What if in the future, because of our willingness to let this thing pass, it happens to us? Highly unlikely? That's what people thought before Martial Law. That's what the Jews thought before the holocaust. Hell, the words "if I don't budge maybe he won't see me" have been so many people's famous last words, man. When will we ever learn?

11:47 PM  
Blogger ptz821 said...

Parang, the hell with with my neighbor's right as long as it does'nt concern myself... when the time comes that his rights is violated, he has nobody to turn to because his neighbors are gone.

5:11 AM  
Anonymous Riyadh said...

Wow, nagiging "fad" na itong Silent Majority na 'to ha... funny...

Inumpisahan ni Mr. Austero, tapos lahat ng mga talaga namang walang pakialam ay naki-apid na. Nagkaroon pa ng lusot ang pagiging duwag nila...

Parang Shawarma, lechon manok, Zagu, atbp. Andaming naki-uso...

Eto ang sagutin nyo, mga "enlightened silent majority" kong kababayan... Kung may pakialam kayo, bakit hindi nanalo si Raul Roco?

Sagutin ko na para sa inyo... E hindi kase kayo bumoto nung nakaraang eleksyon. Tapos ngayong nagkakagulo dahil sa isang hinihinalaang "bogus" na presidente, gusto ninyong huminahon ang mga apektado... Napakarami kong kilalang taong hindi bumoto. Puro burgis, or "middle class"... tas ngayon lulunurin ninyo kami sa retorika kung bakit hindi kami mag-aalsa...

Tanungin ko ulit kayo, bakit sa tingin ninyo kayo ang silent majority? E ilang porsyento ba ng buong Pilipinas ang may email at internet? Karamihan ng tao sa mahal nating bayan ay prioridad kung saan kukunin ang susunod na pangaraw-araw na kakainin nila. Papaano ninyong masasabi na kayo ang "majority"? Kayo ang majority na may internet at email. Pero huwag na huwag ninyong ipangangalandakan na kayo ang nakakarunong at nakakarami.

Ang hilig ninyong ipamukha na kayo ang edukado, na kayo ang may pinag-aralan, na kayo ang nagbabayad ng buwis. Pero kayo rin mismo ang hindi bumoboto kapag kailangan. Puro kayo angal samantalang bukod sa pagbayad ng buwis, wala naman kayong ibang ginagawa para sa bansa natin. Kayo ang may mga malalaking sasakyan na malakas lumamon ng krudo, kayo ang mga naglalagay sa pulis, kayo ang may mga katulong na sumusweldo ng below minimum wage, kayo ang bumibili ng pekeng DVD, at kayo ang nagmamata-pobre sa mga pangkaraniwang tao.

Papaano ninyo kaming kukumbinsihin na kayo nga ang "enlightened"? Kung hindi man lang kayo marunong maki-simpatya sa mga daing namin, papaano ninyo masasabing ang iniisip at ginagawa ninyo ang nararapat para sa bayan? Kung hindi kayo nagpapakita ng ehemplo sa pamamagitan ng pagsunod sa mga simpleng batas, papaano ninyo ididiin sa amin na kayo nga ang kinabukasan namin?

4:45 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to all:

This just been txt to me... please verify... nabasura na daw ang kaso laban sa batasan6 ng makati rtc!

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

at last a bit of justice served...

Pero I'm sure hindi pa tapos ito. Especially this government, who seems to take things too personally...

9:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Nakatanggap din ako ng text na yan. Ini-strike out daw ni Judge Dolorino as prayed for ng Batasan 6 at ibang kasama nilang akusado ang amended information ng DOJ.
Ayan! Nasaan na yung mga pro-Gloria dito na ngakngak ng ngakngak? Nasaan na yung mga ebidensya nyu?

Mahaba pa ang laban na ito pero ang ganyang tagumpay sa isang pasistang rehimen ay malaki na para sa taumbayan.

9:30 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

"Sige nga hanap ka ng kandidato na gagastos ng Bilyon bilyon sa election sabay kikita lang wala pang 100 thousand sa isang buwan, sabay di magbibigay ng favor kahit kanino..Una walang taong ganun na magpapalugi lang para maging pinuno ng sobrang gulong Pilipinas..pangawala kung meron na magpapalugi ng ganun..di rin mananalo..paniyak.."

Kung ganito mag-isip ang "silent majority" na ito, I dread the day when they truly become the majority! Kaya naman pala di natin matanggal tanggal ang korapsyon sa bayan natin. Susmaryosep!

Mabuti na lang hindi totoo yang "silent majority" na yan. Imbensyon lang yan ni Bunye at Gloria para panglubid ng imahinasyon laban sa kanyang naglahong suporta.

9:37 PM  
Anonymous Pructoso Vera Cruz said...

Ito ay isang sampal sa Dept. of Injustice prosekutors. Mahina ang ebidensia laban sa mga kudeta plotters. Kung walang kaso dapat palayain na ang Batasan 5. Utak galonggong siRaulo Gonzalez. Dapat bigyan leksion ang mga utak ng P1017.

Makati court junks amended info vs Batasan 5, others

The Makati Regional Trial Court Thursday junked an amended information submitted by the Department of Justice (DOJ), which accused 48 people of alleged conspiracy to overthrow President Arroyo on February 24, TV Patrol World reported.

DOJ prosecutors had asked the court to issue warrants of arrest for those accused of rebellion including the so-called Batasan 5, former senator Gregorio Honasan and First Lt. Lawrence San Juan.

Judge Jenny Lind Aldecoa Delorino decided not to issue arrest warrants but said the DOJ can file the 15-page amended information with the Supreme Court.

Asked if the Batasan 5, composed of Representatives Satur Ocampo, Joel Virador, Teddy Casiño, Liza Maza, Rafael Mariano and Crispin Beltran, are free to leave protective custody of Congress, Delorino said: "I don't know if they're being held for another reason."

"As far as my court and this case is concerned, they are not accused because the amended information was not admitted," Delorino said.

As a result of the decision, only two main defendants remained in the Makati court, detained Anak-Pawis Rep. Beltran and San Juan. ABS-CBN news

12:04 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

Anonymous, You're right about the Sec. of the Dept. of (In)justice. Right now, he blames the judges from lower court for issuing antagonistic verdicts (i.e., the rape case against the GIs, and lately about the Batasan5 rebellion case). Worst, he insists that the SC ruling on Proc 1017 is still a victory for this shrouded govt, but would like to appeal that the injustice done on Randy David, muzzling free press, etc are all part of this govt's version of "justice."

Sooner or later, Gonzales may lump these maverick judges alongside with the "destabilizers" and "leftists." (he already called one as 'anti-govt').

Poor thing! Ano kaya ang dapat itawag sa ganung tao?

And to the anonymous who espouses the "silent majority=majority gusto tahimik na."

Pakibasa ulit ang mga latest postings tungkol dito sa "silent majority" na sinabi mo na dapat sundin dahil ito ang "boses ng bayan." Tama siguro yung isang anonymous, pag ito ang tunay na majority, hindi na maalis ang kabulukan tulad ng lantarang corruption sa pinas.

3:55 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

I just read the news today bout Proc 1017. Also saw the funny PDI cartoon on GMA. Their connection? Be my guest.

The thing is, why does this govt keep on saying that it holds the bag, when it's already empty. Three strikes in a row, yet GMA still feels victorious?

Kailan kaya ito matatauhan? As Joaquin Bernas exasperatingly concluded in his "Who Really Won?" (PDI May 1, 2006): It is difficult to awaken a person who is already awake.

7:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations to the legal team of the Batasan 6. But we're worried that the Gonzalezes of this government seem totally insane. Now (In)Justice Sec. Raul is saying he will file charges against Delormino for junking the rebellion charges and against Puzon for reinstating the rape charges against the Marines. What's the citizenship of this Gonzalez, anyway? Kano ba ito?

12:49 PM  
Anonymous johndoe said...

Walang citizenship yang Gonzalez na yan, anonymous, dahil galing yan sa impyerno at wala namang citizen-citizenship doon. Basta may sungay ka lang at buntot, pwede ka na doon.

1:40 PM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

Tama ka Johndoe, Kanina, nakita ko na naman sa TV Patrol ang matandang iyan. Sabi niya, "ignorante daw sa law" si Judge Delorino at gusto niyang ma-inhibit sa rebellion case na valid pa raw. Ano kaya ang nasa ulo ng tandang ito? Akala niya ay monopolized niya ang knowledge of law. Hindi lang siya lawyer ni GMA, lawyer din siya ng mga kano. Ano ba naman ito?

Know what? I think that is deliberate on his part, and maybe that's what GMA tells him to do - to please the Americans. Washington has already received dossiers of all kind about RP, and Bush may just be weighing his options now whether to continue supporting GMA or drop her like a hot potato. US Senator Lugar already echoed his displeasure over the dictatorial tendencies and ineptitude of this regime re- press freedom and unresolved murders of journalists. Only Iraq surpasses us in this respect.

One more big mistake of GMA and that may spell the difference.

3:49 AM  
Anonymous jhay said...

Nakakaaliw talaga sina Gonzales, Mike Defensor et al. Kakaiba talaga sila mag-isip, may sarili silang mundo. hahaha

9:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

to ptzwindow bludwid et all...

Hindi porket silent class ay ang ibig sabihin ay walang pakialam sa mundo. O walang pakialam sa kapwa tao. Sila ang mga taong nagproprotesta pero sa mapayapang paraan. Ano ang tawag nyong sa mga ralyyistang sumisigaw na ibagsak ang pamahalaan?

Hindi kami bulag para hindi makita ang kahirapan sa bansa pero hindi kami sangayon sa mga taong gustong ibagsak ang gobyerno at an institusyon. Kung kayo ay nagaalburoto kay GLORIA, maghanap kayo ng ebidensya, hindi lang kayo ang nagmamalasakit sa bayan.
Marami pa dyan.

Hindi kami papagamit sa mga taong ginagamit at inaabuso ang kahirapan ng iba at hinihimok ang armadong pakikibaka. You are so quick to say na may CONSPIRACY pero wala naman kayong ebidensya.

11:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Basta ako I am very satisfied so far kay Gloria, she is not a perfect president pero she is the best so far. This is a free forum di ba? So masyado ata kayong anti Gloria, bago nyo ako batikusin dito maglabas muna kayo ng ebidensya.

Ano pang ebidensya ang kailangan? Tell it to the courts. Kung hindi kayo naniniwala sa korte, ipagsigawan nyo ito, sabihin nyo na hindi kayo naniniwala sa mga korte at sabihing ibagsak na ang gobyerno ni GLORIA, SABIHIN SABIHIN...

11:20 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


ano ba ang pinagsasabi mong conspiracy? ebidensiya? silent class? di ba maliwanag na ang gobyerno ang may demanda ng conspiracy laban sa batasan6 at iba pa? tapos ngayon napatunayan na wala naman palang kaso at mahina ang ebidensiya. eh di talo yung manok mong si Gloria. siya ang pagsabihan mo na maghanap ng magandang ebidensiya dahil palpak yung mga ibinigay nila. lalo na yung si gonzales. pakibasa mo ngang mabuti ang pinag uusapan dito bago ka magsalita ulit?

2:57 PM  
Anonymous johndoe said...

boy! boy! boy!

May naligaw na naman na manok dito boy! putak ng putak! Pakibukas naman sa bentana para lalabas iyan!
Naiingayan lang ako at nagbabasa pa ako ng Dan Brown. Gusto ko lang alamin baka kasi itong Gonzalez ay descendant ba ni Torquemada.

Please lang boy. Pakilabas ng manok na yan.

7:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Finally lalabas na rin sa Batasan..at gagamit pa ng human shield..ano ba namang kadramahan yan..di nyo ba narinig ni Gonzales..you are free as ever. Di na kinakagat ang drama nyo..ano ba yan..masyado...as in OA....

8:58 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yan naman ang talagang score dyan. Napahiya si gonzales at ang mga kasapakat niya. biro mo nga naman, mababang korte sinalungat siya na big boss? tapos sinundan pa ng SC sa pagpuna sa kanila na halatang abuso na sa tungkulin dahil sa 1017. eh bistado na ang kalibre nila. kaya't walang mabuting gawin kung hindi umayon na lang sa batas. kaysa naman pagalitan pa ng SC si gonzales at ang buong gang, lalong nakakahiya yun.

9:19 AM  
Blogger Tonyo said...

Grabe talaga ang ibang pinoy. Sobra ang galit sa Bayan Muna.

Sa mga statements nila dito sa comments page, parang walang right to due process, walang right to be considered innocent until proven guilty, at walang right to exist ang mga Bayan Muna members.

May nagsabing pang "outside the kulambo forever" ang mga kaliwa, pero gigil din na i-massacre wholesale ang mga karapatan ng mga kaliwa as if napakalaking threat ng kaliwa.

Pag si GMA ang paguusapan, sobrang mag-assert ng due process at rule of law. Pag kaliwa na ang sangkot, itatapon na sa bintana ang lahat.


8:26 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ako po si neah ng UP Manila.
si-raul-o ay isang malaking joke. mabuhay kayo.
maraming conspiracy talaga at itong pina-fabricate ng malakanyang so far ay ang pinaka-pointless at walang coherence.
tungkol sa mga conspiracy:
nood na lang po kayong da vinci code movie.
nood din po kayo national geographic channel, the gospel of judas.

9:17 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ang tunay na boses ng mamamayan!

9:22 PM  
Blogger ptz821 said...


inggit lang ang mga yan... kasi ang batasan6 ay nakatungtong sa moral high ground... habang naglalabasan ang comments nila against bat6 mas lalong nagiging mataas ang tinutuntungan ng bat6...

cge lang batasan6!
kami ang tubig at kayo ang isda... hindi kayo magagapi hanggat nandidito ang masa!!!

9:45 AM  
Blogger Empress_Of_Drac said...

Tsk...tsk...tsk...is this an anti-government blog?

12:59 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This article was posted in UP Manila, UP Diliman, and UP Los Banos. We hope our chosen, distinguished representatives, sent with this email, can represent justice to the injustice done to Mr. Cardema.

Our Patriotic colleagues from UP Los Banos informed me that recently (last week), the Philippine Military Academy discriminately discharged one of its finest cadets. He was Cadet Ronald Cardema, a former scholar in UP Los Banos. He was said to be at the top ten of his class in PMA and was one of the most idealistic and most promising leader from the ranks of the cadets in PMA according to some of his PMA Civilian Professors (UP Grads also) which were allowed to be discretely interviewed.
It was said that the main reason why Cadet Cardema was shown injustice by some PMA high officers was only because he had a relative who was killed two months ago. Noel Capulong, Cardema's uncle and also a UPian, was a Bayan Muna Leader in Region 4. When Capulong was killed, Cardema and his relatives made a condemnation letter against the murder incident. The AFP was nervous about Cadet Cardema because he personally knew the ISAFP agents who had their surveillance on Cardema's uncle before his murder. A Military Officer (PMA grad) sympathetic to Cardema said that ISAFP made this emotional condemnation letter look like a subversive document and branded Cardema as leftist since High School even though he was a CAT Corps Commander in High School and a UP ROTC Officer/UP Vanguard in college.

Some PMA Civilian Professor (UP Grads) said that "Caio Cardema" and the UPians in PMA, always confiding with them, were low morale when a high intelligence officer in PMA investigated them and stressed always to them "Bakit ang mga taga UP, walang utang na loob sa gobyerno". OUR ANSWER TO THAT IS "Dahil po nakikita namin dito sa UP na ang pumopondo samin ay hindi gobyerno kundi Taong Bayan. Taong Bayan na pumopondo rin sa gobyerno ngunit nakukurakot kung minsan. Ang aming utang na loob ay sa Taong Bayan po at hindi sa gobyerno.

To Cadet Cardema, don't be low morale, we are welcoming you back to the University of the Philippines where true Patriotic, Intelligent, and Idealistic youth like you truly belong.
Mabuhay ang Pag-asa ng Bayan.........

10:07 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ako si Andrew Reyes ng Iligan City.

Akala yata ng gobyerno sa pagpatay nila ng mga aktibista mauubos nila ang nakikibaka laban sa kanila..Ndi mangyayari un kc, katulad ng pagpatay dun sa uncle ni Cadet Cardema at pagdukot/pagpatay sa iba pang estudyante ng UP at mga aktibista, nagising tuloy ang makabayang diwa ng mga kadete sa PMA lalo na ung mga galing UP kasi classmates rin nila sa UP ung ibang dinudukot/pinapatay.

Mas masahol pa si GMA kay Marcos! Si Marcos nga nagdedetain lng, kahit ung mga NPA, MNLF, o kalaban sa politika. Kahit nga ung head ng Communist Party di pinatay ni Marcos, dinetain lng ng almost a decade. at noon pagmay dadakipin, may warrant of arrest tlga. DI KATULAD NGAUN NA PINAPATAY NA LNG BASTA NG PATRAYDOR ANG MGA KABABAYAN NATING NAGSASALITA PATUNGKOL SA MGA DUMI NG GOBYERNO.

Mga kababayan naming kabataan, lalo na ang mga namumulat sa totoong pagiging makabayan, kayo ang pag-asa namin at ng ating bayan....Ndi na tayo makakapayag na ganito na pinapatay, kinukulong, tinatanggal sa gobyerno ang mga nagsasabi ng totoo. Hindi sa kanila ang gobyerno at lalong di sa kanila ang Pilipinas. Sila ay temporary lng na nangangalaga ng posisyon na iyon. Wag nating hayaan na babuyin nila iyon, babuyin tayo at babuyin nila bayang Pilipinas!

3:53 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hindi ba RPA-ABB ang pumapatay sa mga pro-Sison leftists?

Tingnan ninyo, ang modus operandi ng mga killers ay motorcycle-riding pair of hitmen.

Hindi ba ganyan ang style ng ABB?

Leftists versus leftists na yata ang labanan, ah.

10:24 PM  
Blogger goddess_of_the_chase said...

Re rechanneling of funds

What? Hearsay? How shocking! Imagine you guys being given a taste of your own medicine.


no offense, but GMA is not exactly the evil "Mom" you're trying to portray. Those congressmen you're referring to are bitter enemies trying to bring her down, not the innocent kid you're trying to make them out to be. You have got to be kidding.

3:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

sina ocampo at mga lintik ng bayan: sobra na ang gulo ng bayan. sobra ang ang ingay. wala naman silang ginagawa sa bayan kundi umingay ng walang kabuluhan ngunit gumagamit din sila ng pera ng bayan. dapat sa kanila ay ikulong habang buhay. sila ay komunista. sila ay hipokrito. dapat sa kanila itapon sa dagat at ipakain sa pating. sila ang isa rin sa mga sanhi sa pagpapahirap sa bayan.

4:38 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ocampo, mga komunista, mga npa, dapat sa inyo ibarbeque sa apoy ng araw. sila ay salot ng lipunan. dati noon ay tahimik sa mga barangay. ngayon na marami na may mga npa na sa mga bundok ay marami na ang mag namamatay. pinapatay nila ang may kaunting kasalanan. pagpinaghihinalaan ng spy ng militar ay pinapatay na nila agad. yung isang ama ng 7 maliliit na anak na ang trabaho ay mamulot ng panggatong para ibenta ay pinatay nila. lalong naghirap ang naiwanang pamilya. ganyan ba ang gusto ng mga komunista, pahirapan ang sambayan? naku, dapat sa kanila sa kanila talaga incinerate na rin para matahimik na ang pilipinas

4:49 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

ibagsak ang npa, ibasak ang komunista. ibagsak ang mga makakaliwa. ibagsak si ocampo at mga kasamahan niya. salut sila sa bayan. pumunta kayo sa mga kanayunan at makikita ninyo na sinira ang dating matahimik na mga liblib na lugar. bakit hindi na lang magtrabaho para sa pamilya. pumunta kayo sa ibang mauunlad na bansa at magmasid, mayron ba doon ng mga rebelde? wala. hindi nga nila pinag-uusapan ang politika. trabaho lang sila. sana mag-isip na lang tayo para sa ikaka-unlad ng bayan, wag na tayong putak-putak sa lansangan. bakit hindi natin isipin ang katahimikan, kasaganahan, kaunlaran. siguro pag-ganyan tayo, siguro uunlad din tayo.

5:02 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Two more mass graves found in Leyte

By Joey A. Gabieta
Last updated 04:06pm (Mla time) 09/23/2006

TACLOBAN CITY -- The military in Leyte discovered two more mass graves containing human skulls that it claims are those of victims of communist purges in the 1980s.

Lieutenant Colonel Mario Lacurom, commander of the 43rd Infantry Battalion based in Baybay town, said the two mass graves were discovered last week in remote villages of Inopacan and Baybay towns.

He said four skulls were found in the mass grave in Bugang community, Caulisihan village, Inopacan while two skulls were unearthed by his men in a mass grave in Monterico village, 79 kilometers from the town proper of Baybay.

It was the second time that a mass grave was unearthed in Monterico. Sometime in 2000, the military also unearthed a mass grave in the area containing the skeletal remains of nine people.

Lacurom said the grave discovered in Inopacan was just a kilometer away from the so-called The Garden, a mass grave discovered by the military last August 30 on Mt. Sapang Daku, which contained 67 human skulls and over a hundred bones.

The latest discovery brings to 73 the number of people whose remains have been discovered in mass graves of people the military claims were killed by communist cadres in purges of suspected military informers between 1984 and 1986.

The military had earlier estimated that the number of persons killed during the infamous purging, known as the Anti-Venereal Disease Campaign within the ranks of the Communist Party of the Philippines-New People's Army (CPP-NPA), could reach 300.

Lacurom said his troops would remain indefinitely in Caulisihan village on the order of Major General Rodrigo Maclang, commanding general of the 8th Infantry Division, to search for more mass graves in the area.

"We continue our patrolling of the area. And with the cooperation and information received from the residents and rebel returnees, we were able to discover these two grave sites," the Army official told the Inquirer.

The gravesite in Inopacan was discovered last September12 while the one in Baybay was found three days later.

Colibek Allan Agpala, brigade officer of the 802nd Infantry Division based in Burauen, Leyte, said the military would not stop its effort to locate more graves of victims of rebel atrocities to give justice to the victims and peace of mind to their relatives.

"These people deserve to be given their due…They demand justice for their loved ones mercilessly killed by the communist terrorists. We will continue in our search to look for more gravesites. And we are sure we will discover more," Agpala said.

6:40 PM  

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