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Monday, April 03, 2006


Cha-cha starts on wrong foot

How can a “systemic change” that purports to reform the corrupt political system be the final solution it is made out to be when it is anchored on the most basic building block of corruption – a bribe?

The main reason why incumbent local officials, including congressmen, have jumped into the cha-cha bandwagon is because they were bribed with an automatic 3-year extension of their terms via Cha-cha’s implicit no-election scenario (the 2007 elections WILL be postponed).

The main reason why the fake people’s initiative is gaining ground is because the signatories and signature collectors are being bribed with money, rice, goods and the assurance of more political largesse from their incumbent local officials until 2010 at least.

And so what we have here is a “solution” to a problem that is anchored on the very problem it aims to solve. Confused? You bet.

The truth is that cha-cha is not a solution to government abuse and/or corruption. It aims, in fact, to further strengthen and institutionalize corruption by making the parliament a far worse old boys club than Congress already is. It also aims to give Pres. Arroyo greater and wider powers, at least during the 2007-2010 transition phase, for her to snare the prime ministership after her presidency ends.

Cha-cha is a classic case of the cure being worse than the disease.


Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

Pinoys should wake up before this worst nightmare strikes them.

Contary to its sweet sound or grace, cha-cha is the most brazen attack on the time-honored values of democracy and freedom. It is a tool of Machiavellians in our time to perpetuate themselves in power, thereby prostituting all the democratic institutions and civil liberties of Filipinos. It is a subtle cover of the shrouded regime under Arroyo to continue enjoying powers it illegally seized by force, thievery and deception.

So-called "people's initiative" is nothing but a Malacanang maneuver to make millions sign the charter change petition without knowing it. The CBCP already took clear notice of it, and the Supreme Court had already ruled against it in 1997. That's enough to halt the cha-cha train for overspeeding and running without license.

Arroyo, de Venecia, Puno, Defensor, Ermita, Bunye, Andaya, Jaraula, Nachura, Gonzales and other mindless power brokers in Malacanang or Congress should think twice, else that train will be derailed or headed to the cliff.

Huwag na ninyo pilitin ang mali at baluktot. Karma ang aabutin ninyo.

This is not the time to do cha-cha. The present illegitimate regime must first go, before people dance the cha-cha way. Those over-zealous passengers must disembark the train, else they suffer from ignominy.

8:14 AM  
Anonymous Crystalla said...

You leftist people always say negative things for all initiatives by the government, kahit sino pa ang presidente. Satur Ocampo, Beltran, Teddy Casino (sayang ka dong, kabata pa nimo, taas pa unta imong maabtan sa imong kinabuhi), and the rest of you Batasan 5, 6 or 7...whatever, better shut up if you have no alternatives to recommend. Parati na lang oppose ng oppose, I just wonder where you are getting your funding, galing din siguro sa gobyerno na tinatraydor din ninyo. I am just hoping na alisin na ang mga party list sa congress, you are of no added value, added problem pa siguro, additional expense. Mamundok na lang kayo... wala namang diperensya sa mga namundok at sa inyong mga adhikain, mga obstructionist.

12:49 PM  
Anonymous johndoe said...


pakiulit nga sa comments mo, mukhang hindi nakuha ni crystalla. Mga off-topic pa rin ang pinagsasabi nya. Saan daw kinukuha ang pundo para sa mga rally? Namisteryohan pa rin siya sa puntong iyon.

Inaakusahan ang mga party lists ng paggamit ng pundo sa kung ano-ano habang iniipit ni JDV ang PDAF nila. Di ko mawari kung saan hinuhugot ng mga ito ang kanilang mga alegasyon.

Pero nagmumukha din silang matalino no sa kanilang pagdakdak dito ng walang kalamanlaman.

10:25 PM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...

To Johndoe,

It's ok, Crystalla will soon realize the folly of the pro-GMA position. Besides, let's respect her opinion. Everybody is entitled to it, anyway.

Mangutana lang ko (just asking, pls).

Do all who oppose GMA deserve that palatable label as leftists? communists? obstructionists? Wow! Kuyawan man ta ana. Whats does she say of Miriam Santiago, Joker Arroyo, Magsayay, Pangilinan, Solita Monsod (all avid pro-GMA)?

Well, that's how the power of words is played out, to range people against each other. Reminds me of Bush who told the world something like this: "if you are not with us, you are against us." Like putting non-allies in the same bunch with the terrorists.

I think the world is not simply black or white. There is grey in between, or better yet, black can metamorphose into white or vice-versa. Is that not what politics is? Hmmmm. (Basin lami mamakwet na lang sa sa bukid, wa pay problema didto. Hehehehehe!)

2:18 PM  
Anonymous johndoe said...

tanuod gyud na hawaiianguy!

bisaya diay kang dako bay! Daghan mo diha sa Hawaii? Daghan baya ta dinhi nagsuporta sa Batasan6. Mabuhay ta mga Bisaya uy, labi na ni Cong. Joel Virador!

1:52 AM  
Blogger Hawaiianguy said...


Yup, daghan mi diri. Mao nang luoy ang mga taga Pampanga ug Negros nga nagpuyo diha sa Malacanang, kanunay makatilaw ug kastigo. Lami man gud didto, bay! Asa pa ka makikita ana nga kinabuhi, libre tanan. Asta ang maid, driver, gardinero, ug uban pa. Asta sila, lamian pud, kay makauban man gud sila nga magbandying abroad.

Wen apo, uray dagiti kabagian tayo nga Ilokano idtoy Hawaii, haan da met kayat ni Apong (Gloria). Agsubli kayon idyay Lubao, Apong Glue! Mayat pay ni Apo Marcos, adda pay bain na idi pumanaw da idyay Malacanang. Kunana pay ni Imee, GMA was a poor mimic of Marcos. Kayat na nga ag martial law, ngem awan met ti nakem na.

Hehehehe! sorry folks, am just enjoying this linguistic exercise. Those who don't get it, just pretend that we hear nothing, see nothing, know nothing, and smell nothing about the evil and stench of Malacanang. Is that not the sound of cha-cha that its occupants want us to hear, or dance? Never mind what it is, just dance, man.

Sulong Pinas!

6:35 AM  

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